Tour FAQs

Joining the Tour: Fitness Requirements

To embark on this tour, a medium level of fitness is recommended. However, our tours have accommodated individuals of varying fitness levels, body types, and abilities in the past. With our support, you’ll conquer challenges and emerge stronger and more confident than ever.

Bike Selection: What to Bring

For optimal efficiency, we suggest using a road or gravel bike with thin tires, providing maximum speed with minimal effort. Given the route’s hills and climbs, it’s advisable to have a bike with appropriate gearing for your fitness and strength level. While cross bikes, cruisers, or mountain bikes are acceptable, installing slick tires before the tour can enhance your experience. If renting through us, expect a lightweight gravel bike equipped with slick tires, suitable gearing, and drop-down handlebars.

Tour Nature: On-Road Experience

This tour primarily traverses paved roads, inaccessible to through truck traffic but frequented by sightseeing tourists. With a wide shoulder along 90% of the route, safety is prioritized. While the pavement generally maintains good condition, some sections may vary seasonally. In narrower shoulder areas, guides will inform the group in advance and offer safe riding techniques. Occasionally, riding single file may be necessary to accommodate other road users.

Mechanical Support: Ensuring a Smooth Ride

While ensuring your bike’s mechanical soundness is your responsibility, our guides possess basic mechanical skills and carry essential tools on the bike trailer for basic repairs. These include tire and tube replacements, fixing broken chains, and tightening loose components. However, specialized components or tools for intricate repairs may not always be available onboard. If bringing your own bike, a pre-tour inspection at your local bike shop is strongly recommended. Renting through us includes this service. Additionally, we aim to have a spare bike in the trailer for swift replacements if needed.

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