Naked Women’s Racing, a Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, is a competitive women’s cycling racing team, women’s club team for enthusiasts, and the model for the future of women’s cycling.

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3089 Miles Across America

  Race Across America – RAAM Documentary Plus RAAM BAM Thank you Mam Co-Sponsored by Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, to be shown Jan. 31, 7:00pm and Feb. 1, 7:00pm at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder.  The Race Across America is widely recognized as the toughest race in the world.  RAAM is a 3,000-mile coast-to-coast bicycle race that starts in Oceanside, CA and finishes in Annapolis, MD.  RAAM has become an iconic American event.  First run in 1982 the race has continued uninterrupted.  The 2016 race was its 35th year making it one of the longest-running events in cycling sport.  Racers and crew come from around the world to compete in RAAM. According to Wolfgang Fasching, who has successfully climbed Mt. Everest and won RAAM three times, “Mt. Everest is more dangerous, but RAAM is much more difficult!” RAAM’s newest documentary film will be shown on Tuesday, January 31st...
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Injuries Happen.

Gayle Connell, Cat 3 CX and road racer, is the ultimate Optimistic Injured Athlete. You too can move beyond being injury-depressed. Read on. “Injuries suck. There is no way around it. Any activity in life comes with an inherent risk; when you are an active person, you sign on for that risk. So, when you do get injured, because eventually you will, remember the essence of why you train and race. Rather than bemoaning the injury and the missed training or forgone races, focus instead on the more important aspects of regaining health to re-engage in what is hopefully your passion for sport. Optimism stems from understanding the inevitability of injuries, not letting an injury (or a sport) define us, and filling the injury time with other productive endeavors.” Joanna Zeiger” When I sat down to write this article I searched a few words for ideas (injuries, racer, etc.) I...
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A Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, Naked Women’s Racing was founded November, 2010 by three competitive cyclists passionate about women’s racing and simply getting more women on bikes. The team has grown to include 100+ women in all categories of competitive cycling. The team competes in cyclocross, mountain biking, road and track. In 2012, the team incorporated a club to foster women who are cycling enthusiasts and thinking of trying out racing. Though we support the beginning racer, we’ve won several state and national team and individual titles. Drink Naked. Ride Naked! 





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competitive women’s cycling racing team 

competitive women’s cycling racing team 

competitive women’s cycling racing team