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Naked Women’s Racing, a Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, is a competitive women’s cycling racing team and women’s club team for enthusiasts. We’re passionate about women’s racing, volunteering in our community, and getting more women on bikes.

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Toughing it out in Tulsa

If you are looking to become a better crit racer then Cat 3 racer Allie Morgan recommends racing Tulsa Tough next year.  She recaps her experience below.

In early June I travelled down to Tulsa, Oklahoma for three days of criterium racing at Tulsa Tough. I have never been very comfortable in crits, so I figured three days of back to back races would be the perfect opportunity to hone my skills and build some confidence.

The first race took place in the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa. The course was lined with restaurants and bars and by the time I was heading toward the start line there were already hundreds of people standing on the periphery of the course. With the larger crowd also came a larger number of women in my race. There were nearly 40 women that started, a little over two times larger than any field I had raced against previously. I quickly learned that being in a large group required more careful planning and left little room for error. I started out a little cautiously and ended up at the back for the first few laps. Although it would have been comfortable to hang out towards the back, I wanted to try my hand at some race tactics so I made my way up to the front. I spent the next 20 minutes covering attacks and trying counter attacks of my own. Although none of them stuck, it was a lot of fun to make moves and I learned a lot from just trying.

Alli Morgan racing the CSU Oval Crit

Almost half way through the race, the woman in front of me skidded on a sharp left turn at the bottom of the hill. I was on the pavement before I recognized what was happening. Most of the group was able to work their way around us and only 5 were taken out in the crash. Three of us trotted our bikes to the pit and got back in the race on the next lap. It took almost three laps to catch the group and another two laps to make it up to the front again. I was not quite as bold after the crash, but I continued to cover moves made by other riders and worked to ensure that I had a good position coming into the final two laps. That was a race that took courage from the start to finish. Although my place at the end was not what I had hoped, I learned an incredible amount about bike racing, group dynamics and tactics that day.

The second race took place at Cry Baby Hill, a famous two block steep hill outside of downtown Tulsa. The hill was famous for its rigor and for the massive parties that were thrown there during the races each year. Because the hill added a significant degree of difficulty to each lap, my race was only 30 minutes long. Coming from a background of hill climbs, I felt as though the hill was my best chance for success so I decided to hammer the hill hard each lap. In the first two laps we dropped almost half of the group. The remainder of the race was a battle for position near the front and the opportunity to control the pace for the hill. The race flew by and before I knew it the bell was being rung for the last lap. I sprinted to the top of the hill, cognizant that being in good position for the final descent and corner was imperative. The finishing stretch was about 200 meters long coming off from a sharp right turn at the bottom of a steep hill. I was lined up with eight other women coming out of the corner and sprinted for a fifth place finish. Although it was not a traditional criterium because of the hill, I learned valuable pack skills during the race and had the chance to practice tactics for the last lap.

I would highly recommend the Tulsa Tough races for anyone interested in becoming a better crit racer. Even if you do not have much experience or confidence in crits, these races are great places to build skills and challenge yourself, especially if you approach them as places to practice tactics. The support from the city for the races is also incredible; the races are all well attended by spectators and the city does a great job taking care of the cyclists throughout the weekend.

Alli Morgan wins the 2017 CO State SW3 Road Championship at Salida


Event: Wednesday Cyclocross Skills Workshops hosted by Inspired Training Center

Date:  Wednesday workshops August 23- September 27 (before B2B Races) 

Time: 4:00-4:50pm

Location: Lookout Mtn. Youth Services Center. 2901 Ford Street, Golden, Colorado

Details: $20 each workshop or $100 for the 6 series

Inspired Training Center Cyclocross Midweek Workshops Registration Link


Event: Back 2 Basics Cyclocross Series

Dates: Every Wednesday starting August 23 – September 27, 2017

Time: 5:00 PM

Location: Lookout Mtn. Youth Services Center. 2901 Ford Street, Golden, Colorado

Online Registration Closes: Tuesday at Noon the day before each race.  RACE DAY REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR!

Back to Basics Registration Link





Spread the CX love and join us for Practice!

Mondays – south side Brittany Jones hosts 9/25 Salisbury Equestrian center 5:30pm 

Tuesdays – north side Amanda Bye and Emily Zinn host at Valmont Bike Park (lot near the dog park) 5:30pm


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Recent Race Results!


Cross Vegas - Wheelers & Dealers 9/20

Brittany Jones 2nd

Lucky Pie GP Northglenn 9/17

Katie Arehart-Rose SW4 1st
Michelle Barton MW50+ 3rd
Amanda Bye SW3 6th
Gayle Connell SW3 2nd
Lisa Strong SSW 1st

Blue Sky Cup 9/16

Bridgette Enarson SW4 3rd
Brittany Jones SSW 1st
Kate Pavlik SW4 1st
Wendy Stalnaker SW3 7th
Melissa Westergard SW4 16th

Cyclo X harlow Platts 9/10

Michelle Barton MW50+ 6th
Amanda Bye SW3 9th
Bridgette Enarson SW4 7th
Michelle Hancock MW50+ 6th
Jenna Koval SW4 20th
Magui Martinez-Pena SW4 21st
Joan Orgeldinger MW50+ 1st
Kate Pavlik SW4 3rd
Melissa Westergard SW4 15th

Nederland X 9/9

Katey Martus SW4 3rd


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A Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, Naked Women’s Racing was founded November, 2010 by three competitive cyclists passionate about women’s racing and simply getting more women on bikes. The team has grown to include 100+ women in all categories of competitive cycling. The team competes in cyclocross, mountain biking, road and track. In 2012, the team incorporated a club to foster women who are cycling enthusiasts and thinking of trying out racing. Though we support the beginning racer, we’ve won several state and national team and individual titles. Naked Juice is our title sponsor. If you drink good and do good, you’ll feel good. It’s really that simple. 








competitive women’s cycling racing team 

competitive women’s cycling racing team 

competitive women’s cycling racing team