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Team Camp

Bike racing is really about trust. In your training program, your nutrition and above all, your team mates. The team work accomplished together is often the difference between standing on a podium or on the side of the road. Like any good relationship, trust develops over time with practice. This is why each year, the women of Naked Women’ s Racing travel to team camp in the Colorado desert. We share homes, meals, trails, roads and the stories of our lives over a long weekend in spring. We become better, faster, fitter riders. And we learn how to ride together. As a team. We race because it feeds something within. We ride with team mates because we love it. We learn to trust because it expands us exponentially.

Clinics for Team Members!

We offer skill building clinics for road, MTB and CX to our race and club team members. Learning to be a faster, more confident bike rider and racer, means learning technical abilities and practicing skills! We work with the best and are dedicated to continuous improvement. 

List of private clinics offered in 2017 to our race and club team. These clinics are offered as a benefit of membership! 

  • Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone         Dr. Julie Emmerman
  • Power Testing; Test Report and Power Presentation          Kathy Zawadski
  • Recovery; Addressing Discomfort      Dr. Julie Emmerman
  • Let’s Talk Sports Nutrition      Kathy Zawadski
  • Group Riding with the Pros      Alison Powers
  • Criterium Skills Clinic       Alsion Powers/Jen Sharp
  • An evening with Sheri Barr, Race Official      Sherri Barr
  • Climbing and Descending Clinic      Carmichael Training Systems
  • Beginner & Intermediate Mtb Skills      Kelli Emmett
  • Advanced Mtb Skills      Kelli Emmett
  • Cyclocross Skills Clinic       Nicole Duke


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