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Colorado Cyclocross Awards Party – Naked cleans up again!

cat 3 cx awards_ryan muncy

Our dirt diva Brittany J. recapped the cyclocross awards party. Naked cleaned up again. It was one dirty job but these ladies went above and beyond and came out on top!

This last Saturday was the Colorado Cross Cup awards party, and Naked represented well.

For those who are unfamiliar with BRAC’s Cross Cup (or the very similar Road Cup), it is a points system that spans the entire CX season. You earn points both as an individual and as a team based on your results, and some races are weighted more heavily than others.

Our own sponsor in 2013, Prestige Imports, hosted the awards party. Basil Docs supplied a veritable wall of delicious pizza, while Great Divide and Izzie provided libations. There was also a raffle for some pretty nice swag from Rudy Project, Polar, and several others.

As the awards got underway, Jenny Lucke took to the podium. Our rockstar junior not only won the individual racer competition for Jr Women 17-18, she also single-handedly earned a second place spot in the team competition for Naked in the same division.

Jenny wasn’t the only Naked woman to earn a spot on the podium, though. Every Naked woman that raced as a Cat 4 during the season helped earn a Team 3rd Place for Naked. Cathy Goodheart and Emily Unger (and I’m not sure why Jenny wasn’t up there, because she raced Cat 4 as well as Jr.) represented Naked on the podium. I’m looking forward to seeing all of these women race Cat 3 next year.

And finally, after many slices of pizza and many grapes and strawberries, Naked was called back up to the podium as the 1st place team in the Senior Women Cat 3 division.

Lanier Allen and I received the 1st place plaque on behalf of Naked and our other Cat 3 teammates.

As far as I can tell, it was a stellar end to an amazing season. Several people have a new mud addiction, while others continued to hone skills and aim for the hole shot.

Congratulations to all the women who raced this season—you played an important part in earning these awards. And thank you to everyone who cheered and encouraged us.

Photos 1 & 2, Jenny Lucke

Photo 3, Ryan Muncy Photography

Gift Guide for Women who Ride


If you want to buy the Naked ladies holiday gifts, here’s some hints about what we want! If you need some ideas for the cyclist in your life, definitely check out some of these products below courtesy of our team members.

Belgian TFU T-shirt from Handlebar Mustache 

There’s only one company that does a better job of supplying slogans for your suffering than Niner, and it’s Handlebar Mustache. “Everyone has their personal favorite, but mine is an easy choice: “Belgian the F*ck Up,” which are my personal words to live by when the temperatures drop below 10 on cyclocross race day.” — Emily, Boulder, CO

$26 men’s or women’s cuts

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.25.44 PM


GS Panache Women’s Bib Short

Their fabrics are luscious, their women’s cuts and chamois flawless and their designs either whimsical or elegantly restrained. The GS Panache 13 Women’s Bib Short is a great way to spoil a woman who spends a lot of hours in her saddle.

“Locally owned and operated, Panache is truly one a personal favorite for cycling apparel. Having worked with them in the past on a custom kit for a local women’s riding group, the process was easy, their feedback was truthful, and production turnaround time efficient. The fit and feel of their kits is outstanding and also durable enough to last any avid rider’s busy cycling season. Helmets off to Panache for making fantastic gear!” — Katey, Boulder, CO

$160 bib shorts



Sufferfest videos

With short days and bad weather, it can be a tall ask to train anywhere but in your downstairs pain cave. While their name is well chosen, nobody makes enduring indoor training more enjoyable than Sufferfest, who makes training videos that put you inside the actual peloton in the Spring Classics and World Tours and have you chasing the wheel of the world’s fastest with specific workouts. “Well, I’m nose deep in Sufferfest videos at the moment. So… If you (or someone you love) have a crappy work schedule or crappy weather — or if you’re really unlucky, both — those are good gifts.” — Brittany, Boulder, CO



Custom Pendilight from Zlux

Price: Custom quoted

The sky is the limit on what you could get custom cut and dyed for your flashing light-up pendilight. I might start with a cowbell, crank, chainring or chain link for a cycling enthusiast.


Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois cream and Warming Embrocation

Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois Cream is a must-have, although should probably only be a gift to someone you’re close to. It lasts for hours and keeps your skin moisturized and rash-free. The women’s La Femme Chamois Cream is also specifically made for women’s needs and is just the right soft, non-sticky consistency.

Mad Alchemy Embrocation is made locally, and makes the locals’ extremities warm and yummy smelling “I’m a fan of the Cold Weather Medium Heat. Decreases dependence on Sufferfest videos.” — Brittany, Denver, CO



Schwalbe mountain bike tires

Tearing through rock gardens as Colorado mountain bikers tend to do is not kind to mountain bike tires, and they need frequent replacement. Plus, the perfect tires make the ride. “My favorite tires would have to be Schwalbe Knobby Nic for the front with a Racing Ralph on the back of the mountain bike. It’s the perfect combo for better floatation and corning in front and less rolling resistance in the rear.” — Rachel, Boulder, CO


Turin Bicycles gift certificate

Best and easiest gift: Support your LBS and get a gift certificate from Turin. Maybe the person you’re shopping for really needs a fatbike, some serious winter clothing, and a couple good lights so they can ride outside regardless of daylight or weather. Or a new bottle cage. Or a bottom bracket overhaul. Maybe they just really hate wrapping handlebar tape. Whatever their needs, trust me, they will know what they are.



WOT with the Naked Cat 3s


Racing with a plan is amazing when it works. And that’s just what our Cat 3s did at Wheels of Thunder over the weekend, taking the primes and a 2nd place spot! Kat breaks it down for you…

I (Kat) have been racing my bike for some 8 or 9 years, way too long to recall exactly.  After many long lonely seasons, 2013 marks the first time I have teammates. Women’s cycling in Colorado has grown tremendously over the last few years, and it’s no longer uncommon to have teams of 10+ women and multiple teammates in a race.  When I first started racing, it seemed that women’s racing was much more of a sport of lone racers, which was great for teaching street smarts and how to be cagey in a race, but not so good for camaraderie, learning team tactics, or quite frankly keeping women in the race scene past 1 or 2 seasons.    To be fair, I did have 3 teammates a few years back (2 of whom are now also Naked women), but it was few and far between when more than 2 of us could make it to the same race.  So imagine my surprise when we had 8, yes you read that correctly, 8 Naked women line up for the Wheels of Thunder crit this past weekend.  With numbers on our side, we formulated a plan to be aggressive.  Sorry, no, I won’t be revealing the exact plan here.  If you want our team secrets, you’re going to have to bribe me with something pretty special.  I could use a new frame or some wicked race wheels, or a new power meter.  Anyone?

Starting fairly early in the race, we threw out a lot of attacks.  I think the whole field was as shocked as I was when early in the race Amanda Cyr launched a decisive attack, got a decent gap very quickly, and managed to stay away for a full lap.  This was Amanda’s first race as a Cat 3 having just upgraded the week before.  She very loudly put her stamp on the race and showed everyone that she is clearly ready to be a Cat 3.  Up until this point, Amanda has been known as Amanda 2.0, or just simply “2.0,” based on her twin affiliation with Amanda 1.0.  Well, that attack earned Amanda a new nickname.  No longer 2.0, everyone please say hello to Amanda THE HAMMER Cyr.  Keep your eye out for great things from that one during the season.

A little later in the race, Susan caught the field off-guard and attacked a few hundred yard from the finish line to snatch the second prime of the race.  As she crossed the line, the bell was run for another prime lap.  Does anyone else feel like the promoters really hate us when they run back-to-back primes?  It must be fun for them, because it certainly isn’t fun for me to spend two laps sucking wind on the rivet barely able to breather.  We caught Susan halfway up the hill after the first corner, where I promptly yelled to Lanier “Lanier, go now.”  And boy did she!  Lanier took off and no one could keep up with her.  She got a huge gap as the rest of us worked hard to block the field from chasing.  Lanier easily grabbed the prime and managed to stay away for 2 laps.  Once she was back safely in the pack, with only 3 laps remaining in the race, we all tucked in to recover a bit.  We checked in with each other and determined that Lanier was recovered from her flier and on fire and would have a go at the finish.  She tucked in behind Susan, who got a very untimely flat.  Ever the magnificent bike handler, Susan held her bike upright without an issues, but unfortunately there were no more free laps so Susan was out of the game.  But in an amazing display of selfless teamwork, Cathy, who was right there when Susan’s tire blew, tried to give Susan her wheel, and when that didn’t work, offered up her WHOLE bike so Susan could at least finish. Teammate of the race award definitely goes to Cathy for that one.  Good thing Susan didn’t have to jump on my bike as with about 4 inches separating us in height, that would have been quite the comical last lap for Susan.  Coming into the finish Mama Madison sat on the front driving the bunch, which was enough to launch Lanier into second place.  Every member of the team contributed to the team result and worked together.  Team work accomplished and podium spot achieved!  Look out world, here come the Naked Cat 3’s!

Be the change you wish to see—2.0 Challenges YOU


Another great post from the newly crowned Cat 3, Amanda Cyr. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten that “4 4 Life” tattoo? There’s something in this post for everyone, so enjoy because these are the best years of your life. Go make the most of it!

When I was in high school (just a couple of years ago) people would come up to me constantly to tell me how “these are the greatest years of your life and make sure you do ____ and don’t do ____ and this is how you should _____.”  The only thing I remember from high school is acne, trying to fit in, drinking Boones Farm out of a Sonic Route 44 cup, and listening to “Tiny Dancer” on repeat.  I don’t consider those super awkward years to be the best years of my life.  They definitely served their wallflower purpose but I wouldn’t call them “the best years” by any means… I mean who really loves holding their friends hair while they return the wine spritzer they bummed off of you onto your Converse?

While in college people had more pearls of wisdom about how “these are the greatest years of your life and make sure you do _____ and don’t do _____ and this is how you should ______”.  Wanna know what I remember from college?  Acne, trying to fit in, drinking PBR, and listening to “Tiny Dancer” on repeat.  BTW, I would also not call these years “the best.”  Sure I went to a great school (GO GATORS) and made great memories but again who cherishes holding another friends hair while they ralph the last round of beer pong onto your Tevas?

Last weekend I got the pleasure of volunteering for the BRAC women’s clinic.  50 women came seeking bike skills, information, and ultimately other friendly females to ride with.  It was an awesome day of cornering, cackling, and camaraderie.  This past Friday, I got the pleasure of being a part of another way to give back.  Our team hosted its Ride for Reading book delivery where nearly 3,000 books were delivered by bike to two lower income elementary schools in Denver.  Another incredible day getting to give back to the community in a practical and yet hugely important way.  And then Saturday at Wheels of Thunder I got to give back in yet another way.  I was able to help strategize, encourage, cheer, congratulate, high five, and share in the excitement with all the new cat4’s who rocked their first race!

All of those people from high school and college were wrong.  THESE are the best years of my life.  I am getting to play a small role in something that is making a difference.  Women’s cycling is growing.  Women’s cycling is giving back.  Women’s cycling is changing.  There is a new tide rolling in and it is good.  More hands helping out in the community that we ride through, within the community of fellow riders, and within the community of future racers.

It is a very exciting time to be involved in women’s racing from the jazzed up Junior level to the nervous newbie Masters racer.  Be warned though blog post reader: people are watching us and our words and actions make huge imprints on the future of our sport and community.  I am sure we have all had some less than friendly moments in races where people were just *#$#(*&$ and then we reacted or thought negatively about racing because of it.  Good news though, it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can change the vibe and perception that is out there.  There is new blood that wants to make racing accessible and fun for every woman that comes out to play.  We all work hard and we want to do our very best.  We can do those things while remaining good people and helping each other… don’t ya think?

I want to help women’s cycling grow but need your help.  Come play and let’s be the change we want to see.  I promise I will even hold your hair after a TT while you purge all the lactic acid build up onto my bike shoes.

Vive la revolution y allez allez allez!

Cobb Lake Road Race: Why a Mid-Pack Finish Can Be a Good Thing!


Megan and Kimberley raced this weekend in Fort Collins and both not only kept rubber to the road, they kicked butt and got a podium finish. Great job to represent the Naked ladies this early in the season. 

After an exciting weekend in Moab with the Naked team, I was primed and ready for my first race of the season, which happened to be Cobb Lake Circuit Race in Fort Collins CO. I was nervous because it was my first race in the SW Open field, which meant any female of any category in the region could show up. I was nervous about getting last place and letting down the team. I was nervous because I just had my hardest week of training in 6 months and was fatigued.

However, the race ended up being a lot of fun. And there is nothing like racing to make you stronger, or to teach you how to be a better racer! Here is my recap as well as lessons learned:


  • Entrants: 18 women, 6 Cat 1-2, 6 Cat 3, 6 Cat 4 registered.
  • Course: 48 miles (6 x 8 mile loops with a 1/2 mile finishing climb on each one, plus ~1 mile section of dirt to boot).
  • Finish: 8th. 3rd Cat 3. (Top half finisher)

Within the first lap, one girl had attacked the field, and launched a tremendous pace on the rest of us. We ended up all grouping up in the 2nd lap into smaller groups of 1-5 riders. Luckily I found a group of 5 to work with, though we were sitting 8th-12th in the field at the time. Each lap was harder but I had to concentrate on the race within the race. Rotate, eat, drink, hammer, etc. On the first race of the year, it is hard to pace, so there is always a learning opportunity! Eventually the race ahead was won by my teammate Kimberley in a sprint to the line. My group of 6 broke up in the final 2 miles (on the dirt!), so there were 4 of us going up the final climb. I tried to sit on the 3rd and 4th girls’ wheels and went around them both on the final steep section to finish. I was lucky to finish 2nd in our group the line. For once I made a “move” at the right time. It was fun! The rest of the field trickled in over the next 10-15 minutes.


Lessons Learned

  • Cat 1-2 women are really strong! They all but one dropped me within 30 minutes :) So proud of teammate Kimberley who won the race!
  • Whatever you do, find other people to work with. Even if you are racing for 7th place! The race was over two hours long and it was extremely beneficial to have a “pack” of 4-6 riders to work with, in the wind, up the hill, etc. It helped with focus, and definitely helped with speed.
  • You might like what you least expect. My favorite part of the course was the dirt! I have always hated dirt, but I powered through it quite well and used it to my advantage here. I found myself less tired than those around me when I got to the hill each lap. Which was helpful for the finish!
  • Never underestimate a sprint! Going into the race I had no particular goals for finishing, except don’t come in last place :) By the last lap I was thinking it would be Awesome to finish in the top 3 of my “Group” of 5-6 girls. I out-sprinted a few on the steep uphill to the line and finished 2nd in the group, which was a small victory for me. This really helped my confidence for standing uphill and for sprinting, which in turn made me more excited and confident for future races.
  • Every race is a great workout, and is great recon for future races. You learn who is fit, who is climbing well, who doesn’t like to corner, who Really likes to pull into the wind, who is the best sprinter etc. It helps so next time you know who to best draft where and how they can make you a better rider. We all have strengths and weaknesses and can learn from each other.
  • Hydration and nutrition is always tricky in a 2 hour + race, especially when it is during lunchtime! I was VERY hungry and thirsty by the end, and wished I hadn’t skipped lunch. Cramping hamstrings reminded me of such throughout the race.
  • The best bike racers can respond to attacks. This is something I’m not great at and need to work on if I want to keep up in Cat 3. I especially have trouble going hard in the first 10-15 minutes of races, so I was hurting BAD early on, and wished I had warmed up more, or done some openers the day before!
  • You never know What will happen to others (or you) in the race. In this particular race day I saw the following occur in various categories: DQ’ed riders for crossing center-line (on the dirt!), DNF riders that dropped out, DNS rider that missed race start (almost 2 miles from registration!), riders with flat tires who got behind, rider who crashed out and broke his fork. The list goes on! So even if you think you are doing poorly it can always come back to you so never give up.

I love road races and the challenges and the teamwork that is required (across teams too!), and this was a fun way to kick off the season. I encourage you all to do some road races in 2013!

Thanks to Dejan Smaic for some awesome photos: http://www.sportifimages.com/RoadRacing2013/CSU-Cobb-Lake-CR/Pro-12

Testing Positive


In light of recent (read as gone on way to freakin’ long) news and interviews in the world of cycling I thought I would add some positivity to our beloved sport. Things to know before reading…

  • I have not been a “competitive cyclist” for a year yet so what the heck do I really know
  • I hate drama so I pretend like it is not happening by shoving my fingers in my ears and tap dancing
  • Coffee is really kicking in already so this could be like reading a crack junkies journals

Remember when you were a kid and you learned to ride a bike? What an accomplishment that was and the world was immediately different. You had wheels and freedom and speed and streamers on your handlebars if you were really lucky! At first just riding up and down the street under parental supervision was all it took to make life so exciting. Soon my riding turned into meeting friends and riding to the boundaries our parents had set up for hours and hours. Then of course we had to build ramps and try catching big air that was probably more like 3-5 inches but hey I felt like I was flying. Riding bikes were fun and that was the end of the story. I was hooked.

A little later in life I found other hobbies that took me away from any physical activity whatsoever so there went bikes all together… sad face but hey this will come around I promise. I eventually (a year and a half ago) began cycling for exercise and that was the first time I had been on a bike again since I was probably 12. Did you know that even though it had been (cough 16 years cough) a large amount of time it was just like riding a bike. I knew that in order to stay upright I just had to keep moving forward. Side bar: Ok is it just me or is that some kind of analogy for life?


Anywho, I immediately loved riding my bike again. My lady parts maybe not so much but Helga has come to terms with my new hobby and hates me and my bike less. Since I was a “runner” at that time (read as a woggler = walk/jog) I started to see the differences pretty quickly when I got back on the saddle. Those differences then turned into me joining a team and becoming a racing junky. But here for you now I shall bullet point some of the reasons why I feel so positive about this wacky sport we call cycling.

  1. Some of my best thinking happens when I am pedaling. It can be just you and your bike with an open road/trail ahead of you with miles and miles of thinking/de-stressing. It’s like therapy but cheaper.. kind of… sorry Dr Amanda 1.0
  2. While biking you can opt to not pedal for a moment or six and still be moving along. If you were to stop running and try to coast you would now be standing still. Sometimes a coast or draft is a beautiful beautiful thing. Thanks again Lanier Allen, Tami Burke, and Sharon Madison for the view of your Naked butts yesterday…I enjoy them more than you probably know!
  3. Even on your hardest day on the bike you still just got to ride a bike and that is a priceless privilege that should not be forgotten
  4. You can make a ton of friends and if you are as lucky as I am some of those friends become your family.. not in a polygamy kind of way but more like a Sister Sledge “We Are Family” way .
  5. You get to see parts of the world from view points many people don’t get to. Yes you might have to climb to see them but it is ALWAYS worth it at the top
  6. Flying down a mountain pass that you just conquered makes you feel like you are 9 again ramping off of a dirt mound with your wonder woman cape on
  7. Pushing yourself to your limits and overcoming something you weren’t sure you could is unlike any other high
  8. Getting to sport your team kit for the first time is the coolest feeling. I raced several races this year before my kit came in and I remember so badly just wanting to squeeze my bod into that Naked lycra… it was like Christmas when they came in! I took off of work early so I could go pick them up myself because I wanted mine first.
  9. Lining up at the start line with all the training time, preparation, nutrition, dedication, adrenaline, nerves, vomit that is running through your brain and veins at that moment can seem unnerving but then at that very moment when you are considering wetting your chamois your teammate leans over and makes some smart @$$ comment about planning to rock out with her _____ out and you forget all that other stuff and just crack up laughing. It’s the funnest time.
  10. Getting to be a part of something NOT about yourself but about your teammates/friends/family and their aspirations and dreams is so rewarding. If you can then help them in any way it’s the icing on the Powerbar, which are delicious btw. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about your team and those wonderful individuals who love cycling just like you do and work as hard (or harder) which makes you want to ride even more and with your whole heart.


So yeah I went all kind of sappy and off topic and I made another pot of coffee but hey don’t judge me. What this all boils down to is I have decided I like bullet points when writing and wanted to try it out. No really seriously yeah there is some junk clogging the engine of the sport but it is so not about that. It is a weird and hard time to be called a competitive cyclist but it’s not about that. I didn’t start riding my bike to be cool like, insert any pro name you would like, I started riding my bike again to get some exercise and to feel like a kid again. Because of those two reasons I have found out who I really am as a human being. I am a dork, a bit OCD, have a fake it till you make it mentality, not a climber but secretly like it, a team player, a wee bit competitive, a Facebook stalker, a need for speed wanna be sprinter, flats are my friend, curbs are not my friend, my high fives cure many problems, start line jokes are my thing, I like a challenge, I like to be pushed, I love my bike on a good day and on a bad day, I love the sport, I love love love my team.


This sport is so exciting and contagious I only wish more people knew that and then everybody would be doing it! This team is unbelievable and I tell people all the time I feel like I won the lotto by getting to be a part of it. The friendships on the team and from the other women racing out there… I don’t have the words to describe. It is a community of hard work and respect and smiles and laughter. You get out of it what you put in to it and it can be life changing. Can you tell I am biased and hooked?

There is my attempt at positive rambling today. I really hope you get to ride your bike today. If you need someone to ride with let me know. I love riding my bike.

Amanda 2.0


Colorado Daily: Naked Women’s Racing Named Club of the Year

Naked Women's Racing

Naked Women’s Racing says they’re bringing more women to the sport

By Sarah Kuta   kuta@coloradodaily.com

Posted:   01/03/2013 05:02:59 PM MST

Rachel Scott and her two Naked Women’s Racing co-founders were tired of women’s cycling’s reputation. The sport is male-dominated, and when it <comes> to female cyclists, it’s known for catty, aggressive women who don’t get along, Scott said. That makes other women hesitant to join a team or start racing.

So, Scott and two cycling friends, Vera Divenyi and Joan Orgeldinger, created their own all-women’s team based in Boulder <correction Denver> to address that stereotype.  Finish reading here:  http://www.coloradodaily.com/outdoor-recreation/ci_22306637#ixzz2HG580fxs

Side note: We started the team as a Denver-based team; however, we’ve expanded to the entire state of Colorado. We still state Denver-based, but have women all over the state representing Naked Women’s Racing. Also, the quotes expressed in this article are misinterpreted and out of context. For example, many of the quotes are perceptions of women’s cycling and there are many factors that influence this perception. In addition to the quotes, the two misspellings are beyond our control and passed through the editorial process.

2nd Annual BRAC Women’s Summit


Susan Adamkovics and Rachel Scott hosted the 2nd Annual BRAC Women’s Summit at Boulder Beer. Great to see so many women wanting to grow and improve the sport in Colorado! Plenty of Naked ladies made the trek to Boulder Beer too, showing their support.

This year’s summit had about 50+ more participants than last year–including staff, board members, promoters, officials, the ED of OIWC, new and seasoned racers–and adopted four initiatives for 2013. Also, 2012 was our largest year for participation across the board in every senior and masters category (32.8% growth over 2011). SW4 and SW45+ saw the largest growth percentages. Retention from Cat 4 to 3 was a focus of the evening as statistically many come into the sport as a beginner to never be seen again. 2012 is no different than any year prior for BRAC or other LA’s across the country. But also nationally, retention rates for nonprofit membership-based organizations for 1st year new members hovers around 70%. It’s a problem shared among organizations like BRAC.

Overall, the feedback thus far from the summit has been very positive. Colorado has a great group of passionate, strong female athletes who want to grow the sport for women and are willing to work to make it happen despite raising families, working full time, and fitting in training where they can. I’m continually impressed by the stories women share, insight they offer into the sport, and willingness to work whether impacting one person at a time or influencing a room full of people. I know I’m excited about it and have experienced growth first hand with our team growing from 6 in 2010 to 60 women for 2013, with many of them never having participated a bike race in their life as of yet.

Susan and I are preparing a recap and survey during the holiday to send to participants and registered BRAC riders. This will also be published on coloradocycling.org.

And also, a HUGE thank you Jennifer Triplett for being a genuine keynote speaker and starting us off in a positive direction. Colorado is lucky to have you!

 Read more on the Women’s Summit on 303cycling.com.

Guanella Pass and the SuperFans


Megan tackled the first-year Guanella Pass Hill Climb in some serious winds and was rewarded (and surprised) along the way with motivation from our teammates.

Guanella Pass Hill Climb was this past Sunday. Why would anyone race their bike up a 12,700 foot mountain for fun?
1. The pavement was like butter (says Janet Uhde)
2. Hill Climbing is perhaps the best (humbling) test of your fitness.
3. The scenery could not be beat.

PLUS an unexpected reason: the Naked TriBella SuperFans!

This past Sunday, Kimberley, Janet, and I all raced the Guanella Pass Hill Climb, in SW2, SW3, SW4 respectively. We all achieved top 10 in our competitive categories and each overcame our own battle. Kimberley is returning from a serious wreck at City Park Crit and a bruised sternum. Janet is wrapping up swing shift rotations at her Denver medical residency, and I was battling a slow leak in my front tubular. Anyhow, it was a beautiful (albeit windy) morning, and we all enjoyed a good challenge.

Little did we know, our AWESOME teammates Amanda B and Amanda C were up at the crack up dawn riding the climb and chalking in with their support. Not only that, but they cheered from the top for over 2 hours for almost every finisher. I commend these girls for their undying support of the team, whether they are racing or not, and commitment to the sport and sportsmanship.

I was prouder than ever to be a Naked Tribella team member this past Sunday, thanks to my wonderful teammates, who continue to pleasantly surprise me with their undying commitment to the sport and this team. Plus, did I mention they now know personally almost every other girl on the women’s peloton?

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face at 12,700 feet!



Susan‘s take on E-rock. What a fun course with lots of support from fans and the city!

I woke up feeling odd; a bit on the dense side. I don’t prefer to race late in the day, but I guess when you run or shall I say bike with the big dogs that is how it goes. As the day progressed a storm front approached from the mountains…yuck who really wants to do a criterium in the rain or wind. However, none of us really knew what the weather was doing in Castle Rock. I got a text message from Vera asking if we are still a go and I said I was “in”, so I packed up my things and headed to her house.

Since it was raining, we opted not to take our sweet team car provided to us from Prestige Audi and instead took my van.  Rachel, Vera and I loaded everything and headed down south. In route, we got a text from our teammate, Joan, saying that she was not going to make it, because she had spent all day volunteering at her son’s school.

It is hard at times, to juggle full time demanding jobs, parenting, household chores and spending time with our spouses. Usually we are able to squeeze it all in, but there are times when we have to say no I’ll sit this one out…which is really hard because we love to race our bikes. Joan was the teammate we were to “work” for today, but since she wasn’t coming I was now the elected one….ummm okay. I wasn’t prepared for it and like I already stated I was struggling with mental sharpness today. But we are not a one women show, which is what is so great about being on Naked Women’s racing; we care more about creating bonds then winning every race. But we end up on the podium nearly every time, so that says something. The race itself was a great experience. My teammates attacked, attacked and attacked. They made sure I was in the main pack, telling me to hop on their wheels as they pulled me to the front.

The finish did not go quite as we had wanted, but races often don’t go as expected…one small mistake can be a game changer.  In the end, I did not end up on the podium (my teammate Kimberly did), but that is was not what it was about for me today…it was something much more cherishing….it was about teammates willing to sacrifice their egos to help me succeed and overcome some personal fears. For me, this day, this experience, will last a lifetime.