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Marisa takes overall win in the Moab Gran Fondo


Teammate Marisa gets it done like a boss! She has won every race she’s entered this year-and we aren’t just talking category or cycling either. Overall-and puts a hurtin’ on the men in the process. Let’s hope we can do it again this weekend at Superior Morgul.

This past weekend marked the most beautiful ride and race I have ever embarked upon…now, that says a ton!  It was a relatively last minute decision to head over to Moab to race the Grande Fondo Moab, but with the excellent reviews I had received it seemed like a great way to get some extra fitness in.  Sixty two miles and 5,500 feet of climbing-PERFECT! Continue reading on her blog!


A Win is a Win!


As I preach to my own athletes, “A win is a win, no matter what!”.  I experienced this feeling this past weekend as I took the women’s title in the local Durango Squawker Classic Road Race.  Despite the absence of a large “pro” field, there were several very strong women that made me have to earn and work for the win-never allowing me to let off the gas completely…..read the rest of Marisa’s report on her blog!

Xterra White Tanks, January 8th 2012


Our ladies aren’t just talented on the bike–they can win running races OVERALL too! Congrats to teammate Marisa  for WINNING the Xterra White Tanks 20k Trail Run race last weekend.

If the energy of December, both mentally and physically could have been a predictor for the way my first race of 2012 would go , then with an appropriate amount of modesty I would say, I won the race before it even started.

I have spent the last months of 2011 making needed corrections and directions to my training and perspective from the mediocre and somewhat disappointing 2011 season.  Feeling revived, passionate one again, and yes-even fit, I choose to enter my first Xterra event in early January as the culmination to my month long training stint in Arizona.

I entered the 20K running race, as a test of fitness and a motivating factor for my early season, and frankly…just as something fun and different to do.    But as with all things, I set my mind to I always give a 100% effort.

Being my first Xterra event , the 20K course, climbing over 1500 feet in the first six miles, proved to be aggressive, challenging, and a barometer of strength.  The plan was simple, go out hard, and see what happens.

A bit different from the elite, pro-roadie, triathlon scene –all categories and divisions started together, informally and within the first mile, found myself at the top of the race, in about the top ten male slots.  There was a bit of shape-shifting in the next several miles, as I settled in to a more reasonable pace, climbing the grueling elevation gain, letting a few men pass me, keeping all women in check.

The descent of the course was every bit as excruciating at the climb, as I backed off even more in order to not wipeout and preserve the skin on my knees.

The last several miles, were difficult, as I tried to regain some of the time I had forfeited on the way down, but felt confident to maintain my lead of the race.

I crossed the finish line knowing that I had put in a hard effort and knowing that this was simply the beginning of what is to be an amazing 2012 season.   The overall win did come unexpected, but as a teammate once told me “a win is always a win”.

I gladly look forward to a smashing 2012 season.  As far as more Xterra racing…we’ll see what the card deal out.