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A page from the book of racing: Dead Dog- the Criterium


Sometimes racing does go according to plan! Roberta shares her experience during the Dead Dog Classic Criterium. 

I was going to blog about my own race experience at Dead Dog since Dead Dog is a race that has a lot of personal meaning to me and my cycling goals.  Unfortunately, the road race was not one of most stellar cycling performances and it ended getting to know the volunteer EMTs in the emergency tent.  I do think those EMTs worked just a little bit of magic for me since the story I am about to tell involves the race that happened in the heat of the next day.  As criteriums go, the Laramie course is super fun.  Fast turns, chicanes, trains roaring through town, and great volunteers.  After watching the 4s race, Joan and I decided to spin our legs in the heat of the later morning sun.  After the heat exhaustion that plagued me the day before I was really tired of sunshine and heat.  I did partake in an icebath and the team standing in the pond on Saturday after the road race.  Joan also had us eat two dinners after the road race and that didn’t necessarily hurt my recovery either.  Anyway, there we 7 of us in the 1-2 category and I was 7th in the GC.  I was thinking before the crit that when you are in last place, 20 minutes back, there is really nothing to lose if you lay it all on the line to secure a win for your teammates.

Joan and I discussed strategy for the race and we both decided we would do most of the work until we could go no longer and hopefully one of us would hang on for the entire race.  It is rare when a strategy that is verbalized before a race actually happens and what happens is even better! The Cliffs Notes version of the 40 minute race was this, Joan was in front, then I would get in front, someone else not on our team would get in front, PRIME LAP- Sprint hard and lead out a teammate for the prime- Joan was in front, I was in front, TIME BONUS SPRINT- lead out teammate for the sprint win.   I had the biggest smile the entire race because magically everything fell into place.  Naked Women’s racing was dominating and in control!  We were blocking others from going for the sprint and Rachel and Kimberly were getting enough rest in between sprints.  We had lead outs that looked like they could have been choreographed in a ballet.  The energy was so exciting. When it came down to the final sprint, Joan and I both lead out Rachel and Kimberly for the 1-2 win and an overall GC win. Did I mention this was a fun race?

Click the image to see all the great photos from PRIMAL OUTDOORS

Click the image to see all the great photos from PRIMAL OUTDOORS

There are times in bike racing when things don’t go as planned.  Teammates can feel let down because a plan didn’t execute or someone was having a bad day.  Not this day in Laramie.  We were a well oiled machine and we worked as a team and we pulled in the win.  We were all ear to ear with grins.  This is the reason I race my bike- not to win- but to be part of a team of strong, dedicated women.  Thank you!

Making Headlines Again! Dead Dog: Separating from the field


Rory Kelly and Rachel Scott win overall Dead Dog Classic titles

By DAVID WATSON / dwatson@wyosports.net • Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rory Kelly of Boulder, Colo., won two of three events over the weekend to claim the Senior Men’s Pro 1-2 category at the 24th Dead Dog Classic Memorial Stage Race…continue reading at the LARAMIE BOOMERANG.

Naked Women’s Racing p/b TriBella Makes Headlines in Laramie, WY


Racing in the Rockies
Dead Dog Classic Memorial Stage Race starts with grueling road race, next two stages today By DAVID WATSON / dwatson@wyosports.net
Sunday, June 24, 2012

There is a tie at the top.

Kimberley Turner and Rachel Scott just wouldn’t let it happen any other way.

The two professional racers joined hands when they crossed the finish line together after covering their 53-mile Laramie Area Visitors Center Snowy Range Road Race in 3 hours, 2 minutes and 45 seconds…..go to the LARAMIE BOOMERANG to continue reading.

Dead Dog Stage Race June 23-24–Laramie, WY


I wish I could have my dog write this race report like he writes our holiday letters.  I do not enjoy writing but here goes. 

Who talked me into this?

I say Amanda C. but she blames Amanda B.

Am I glad I was talked into this?

Yes, now that it is all over. On the last 11 miles of the RR I was cussing both girls out.

RR-54 miles of non-stop wind.  Stayed with the lead pack until the start of the climb and then after a few minutes they blew me up.  It was hard having those pro 1-2 racers who did age group in our category.  The climbing was actually easier then I thought.  Was by myself for awhile then caught up with Kendra and worked with her then Megan caught up to me.  We all worked together for a few minutes then Kendra fell off.  Megan and I stayed together.  It was so nice having a teammate to work with.

We’re at the top of the climb. I love descending and I know Megan does not love it as much. I told her she had to stay on my wheel.  I did go close to 50 so she did fall behind but I kept hearing her words and Kathy’s (my coach) do not do the last 11 miles alone.  I knew the best thing to do was to wait for Megan to catch up so we could continue to work together.

Last 11 miles.  Highway to hell.  45+ mile an hour head winds. No fun.  Megan and I passed the 2nd place position girl then she caught up with us again but did not want to work with us.  We kept trying to rotate and push on but you never felt like you got a break from the wind.  Megan ran out of water and I was giving her some of mine.  She was getting fixated on no water, which I was down to almost zero.  I told her we couldn’t fixate on the fact that we had no water and that we were going to die on that Highway to Hell from dehydration.  We caught up with the 2nd place girl again with about a ½ mile left and I just hit the wall.  The wind became a head case for me.  I told Megan to take off and go get second place which she did.  I trudged in and got caught on the line thinking no one was behind me so I got 5th.  Lesson learned.  Always look behind you. DUH!!!!

Ice Bath:

Who’s idea was this?


Why? Really?

Yes, it will help with muscle recovery.

Ok an ice bath.  This was a new one to me.  Joan runs my water, throws in 1½ bags of ice.  No, not 1 she had to add another ½ bag. No they weren’t 5# bags they were 7# bags.


Sharon, get in the water now.  I slowly lower myself in screaming I can’t do this.  She appears before my tubs.  Points her finger at me.  Gives me that mother look and tells me to sit down now.  Yikes!  I obeyed.  She throws her coat on me makes me some hot tea and sets the timer for 12 min.  I decided the only thing that would keep my mind off this is to text.  My Pen Pal (Amanda C) was 2 doors down and she was in her ice bath so we sat there the whole time texting back and forth killing time.  Mama Joan finally comes in and told me I was in there for 14 minutes and my time was up.  Thank G-D.

Day 2: Crit

The plan was to have THE AMANDAS worked for Megan and I.  We told Megan her goal was to sit on my wheel and I was going to sit on the Amandas wheels and whoever was fresh enough and in the right position was to go for it.

The whole race Amanda C is leading the pack, I’m staying behind her and Amanda B was usually on my left protecting me.  These girls amaze me with their skills and giving it their all at these crits.  They were work horses the whole race. Leading the pack.  In that crit every girl wanted to be on their wheels.  Now, now, I get one of them so don’t get in my way. They are loved by all the Cat 4 girls but they belong to me so stay away:)

I didn’t hear the announcer say last lap but the pace did pick up.  We turned the corner and I was close to the front but I should have jumped up to the age group girls for the sprint in.  I took off past the couple of girls in front of me but 2 other girls came past me so I got a 4th.  Lesson learned: Make sure you are right where you need to be before the last corner not after the corner.

FYI:  My legs did thank Joan from that painful ice bath and told me it was worth it.

Thank you Joan and Roberta for all the cheering you did at our crit.  It was awesome and kept us going just having you there.

TT: Last race of the weekend. 

Today was the maiden voyage for my new Focus bike to get out there and do its first race.  It’s time to break her in.  Amanda C felt we needed to say the Jewish blessing over her.  She started saying it perfectly in Hebrew with everyone watching and laughing then this Jewish guy comes over and helps her out with the prayer and adds his version.  It was very funny.  The Jewish guy and I rode off to warm up and Amanda C looked at me like that is my boyfriend fix me up.  Sorry Amanda, next time. I was more focused on my TT and wasn’t thinking about a boy for you.

I knew going into the TT I was 6th overall and I didn’t have that many seconds between the girls in front of me.  I told myself not to become a head case with the wind and give it my all.  It would be less than 30 min. in the pain cave.  I gave it my all and felt great.  I did it with no TT gear because I don’t own any.  Next purchase.  Helmet and skin suit.  Came in 8th but ended the weekend in 5th place overall.  I’ll take that for my first Stage Race.

Joan, I am still wondering where that downhill is on the TT  course that you kept telling us about.  The Amandas and I never had it on our TT course.

I’d like to thank all my teammates (Amanda C , Amanda B, Megan, Joan, Roberta, Kimberley and Rachel for a fun weekend. I would like to give an extra thank you to the Amandas for all the entertainment, laughs and encouragement. I couldn’t ask for a better fan club.  FYI:  Amanda C is president of my fan club if any of you would like to join.  There is an initiation fee so she can get a new bike.

Thanks for reading,