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Anna Crushes Junior Track States!


Anna is one of two super star juniors we have on the team and brought home a couple state championship jerseys to boot!

Today I raced at Junior states. I woke up at 5:30am to get to the track by 8:00. My family came to watch since this was my last track race of the season. We got to the track at 8:15 and went straight to registration, I signed up for the sprints. Pat (the owner) said that the day was to start off at 10am. I got there extra early to make sure what happened at nationals didn’t happen to me again. I went to set up and the juniors from BlackSheep cycling invited me to set up with them, so I did. I had to build my bike because I haven’t ridden my track bike for a month. After I was done with that, I started to warm up. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be on my bike! I started out slow then did a few jumps and was ready to go. The 200m TT was first I got to the ready area with two riders in front of me and was ready to race. As the guy was holding me I just thought about how this was my last track race of the season and I wanted to go out with a bang. The official gave me a push and I was underway. I moved up the track immediately. I stayed on top of my cadence and managed to get an amazing time for me. I rode a 13.22 a hole second faster then when I started this season! I’m very proud of this time! I ended up getting 1st place in this race.

I had to race Kimberly Nuffer as a match sprint so we could do some extra racing. My brother Arie was my holder. He gave me a push and Kimberly and I were racing. We were going around 10mph on the top of the track for just about the entire race. With 200 meters to go I started to sprint. Kimberly managed to inch me out but I was ok with that because I was able to keep up with her.

My final race of the day was the 15 lap scratch race. I didn’t know I was going to do this race until 20 minutes beforehand. The women were to race with the Master 55+ men. There was about ten men on the rail and three women including me. The eve started out with a neutral lap and I made sure I was on a good wheel. With 12 laps to go Kimberly went off the front, I decided to go with her. After she realized I was on her wheel she slowed up so the group could get back together. One of her teammates attacked and we were all on his wheel. Mrs. Lawrence got dropped with this attack and so did Kimberly. So it was me against the men. At two laps to go the men started to sprint they managed to drop six men and me. I kept my speed for the next two laps and came in 4th overall and 1st in the women’s.

I have to say I’m very proud of my two state championships and how the day played out! Here are a few photos from today.

Junior Track Nationals


Anna is representing at Junior Track Nationals! Here’s here take on the first two races, and stay tuned for 4 more!

Today was officially the first day of track nationals. We woke up at 7am went for breakfast and headed to the track around 8:15. When we got to the track we found the Lawrence’s to set up and get ready. I got on the track for my warm up, I did a 20 minute warm up with one jump. At 8:50 the race officials closed the track. At this point it was 61 degrees! Most of the parents were complaining about how cold it was and that it was too cold to race. Most of the juniors from Colorado thought it was pretty nice out.

At 9am the races were off, I didn’t race until noon so I just sat around and spun my legs to keep them moving. Durning one of the junior men 15-16 point race qualifying heats three men went down right behind our tent. They are all ok, but one of the guys front wheel was broken. After ten minutes they got up and walked off the track. At noon the junior women were up for the flying lap, Laurel Rathbun was the first 17-18 to go off then me. After Laurel passed me the holder pushed me and I was off and ready to get on the track. When I passed the finishing line I saw that there was two laps to go so I started to move up track to get in the best jump that I could. At corner 3 I got up out of my saddle and started to sprint. At this point I don’t really know what happened. I just pedaled as fast as I could and hope that it was good enough. I ended up in 6th overall with a time of 24 seconds. Pretty good for being off my bike for 18 months!

After the flying lap we had the 30 lap points race. One of my favorite races.. Not! This races was fun but hard. We started with a neutral lap then the attacks started to happen once the gun went off. After two laps a few girls went off the front and held it for the entire race. With 20 laps to go I dropped of the back, the pace was just a tad too fast for me. I ended up lapping a girl and told her to get on my wheel so we could work together. That didn’t happen, I pulled her for 18 laps.. Yay… With two laps to go the girl tried to pass me but it didn’t work. As I saw her coming on the outside, I made the pace faster and she couldn’t pass me so she just sat behind me for the rest of the race. I ended up in 6th and am currently siting in 6th overall. I have one more race tonight and three tomorrow morning. More to come!

Track Tuesday Naked Style

Point a Lap

This past Tuesday night there were 12 women who raced the Tuesday Track race with 3 of them being Naked ladies.  The Boss, The Junior, and myself have never all raced together so I was pretty stoked and also super intimidated.  Both of my track teammies are fierce experienced track racers and I really am just faking it.  I made some goals for the night and here are a couple.  1) Don’t be a complete mess 2) Don’t embarrass my teammies and 3) Don’t lose my job.

Sounds pretty easy for most but I was in zone 5 just driving to the track and was told on the way down “you have a job tomorrow unless you beat me tonight”.  So yeah, there is that.

Now for most of you I am going to assume you don’t know what the different races are for track so I will explain a wee bit.  Note: I always have to wikipedia the race flyer the morning before I race because I still don’t know what all of them mean. Oh and also note that there were 4 categories for this night of racing.  “A” (very very fast), “B” (very fast), “C” (fast), and Women.  Because The Boss signed up to race with the “B” group AND Women’s group of course The Junior and I also did.. can’t look like a slouch when she is around.  The Boss, The Junior, and I raced all 5 races but to spare you the time I am only going to give the play by play for 3 of them.  You are welcome.

Race 1: “A/B” 10 Lap Point-a-Lap

Neutral start where everyone stays together for the first lap around the track and when the gun is fired and after my heart explodes out of fear from that sound the group takes off.  Both A’s and B’s were combined to make for a bigger field and really scare the ba-jesus out of me.  This was by far the biggest track field I have ever been in and it was definitely intimidating.  When the gun went off so did the big boys… oh and The Boss.  As she is pulling around me she says “let’s go Amanda”.  Blerg.  Who invited her?  It is not the easiest thing to get to your position, work your way up, move around the group, pick the right lines, and also find the best wheels when you are flying in circles with no brakes.  With the command to “go” I had no choice though.  Time to try to just stay on her wheel was my thought.  Again, who invited her?

How the winner is determined you ask?  Points are awarded each lap with 1 point for the first person across the line per lap.  Who ever has the most points at the end is the winner winner.  Not only do you have to sprint every single lap but you also have to be good at math.  Yes, this should be a good fit for me but these races are so fast and your brain is so oxygen deprived that I never have a clue if and how many points I have.  The three Naked trackies finished with the lead group thanks to following The Boss but I couldn’t tell you who had what points even if you paid me.

Race 2: Women 1km Scratch

This time the 12 women lined up together to play a little cat and mouse game.  After the neutral start you have 3 laps to be the first person across the line.  The game comes in because if you make the attack early and someone is able to stick on your wheel they can sling around you at the last minute since they got a free ride and you’ve just used up a lot of your energy.  Lots of looks, measuring up, and positioning happened during the first lap.  “Who was going to make the move, where were certain people, how am I feeling compared to her, how long could I hold this pace if I jumped here, etc…”  I am not sure exactly who made the big jump but it was quickly down to one lap to go with Kirsten Williams, The Boss, and I coming into turn 3 hot.  I decided to try to spread my wings a little and attempt to come around The Boss and hopefully catch Kirsten.  I wasn’t sure if this was going to work at all but in a last second effort I came up the banking a bit to then use that momentum to swoop down into the sprinters lane.  Cool moment: The Boss said when I passed her it made a “wooossshhhh” noise… yeah, that made my day.  Best moment: I realized I couldn’t catch Kirstin at the line so I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I decided to save a little energy and not fully sprint.  Right as I am approaching the line I see an oh so familiar face out of the corner of my eye.  The Boss had been on my wheel and saw my “sit up” moment and pounded LIKE A BOSS… so sneaky and so smart!

Race 3: Women Unknown Distance

This one should be pretty easy to understand.  The women once again started with a neutral start but we had no idea when the gun would be fired to signal race on and we also had no idea how long we were racing.  I assumed we would make it a lap before the gun went off so when it fired almost immediately I didn’t know what the heck was going on but saw The Junior and The Boss go so I just followed, typical.  About 2 laps into the race The Junior went on an attack like a fearless wild flying monkey.  Kirsten jumped right with her and was hot on her wheel.  Since she had been the one to beat all night I decided to just race side by side with her almost bumping elbows.  I knew that Kirsten couldn’t get around Anna if I rode that close and that if I needed to just go I would have no one blocking me.  The only risky part of this rubbin’ is racin’ style is that it really becomes a battle between two people and both of you are burning yourself up with no end in sight.  How long can I hurt like this?  Thankfully after about 5 laps the one lap to go bell was rung.  I was still right next to Kirsten with The Boss right on her tail.  Naked finished the unknown distance 2, 3, and 4!

What a night!  I had the best time getting to go fast with my Naked teammies.  It is nights like this that fuel the fire for me and remind me why I LOVE THE TRACK.  Stay tuned for more tales from the track.  This weekend The Junior and I will be racing State Championship and each of us are going to our respective Nationals within the next two months.  Go fast, take chances!

Haaaaayyyystack TT and TTT Race Report


Anna, one of our youngest and most promising members, was team captain for her Haystack TTT team. She guided our ladies across the line to a 7th place finish in the stacked Cat 4 field!

This weekend I got to be the team captain of Naked women’s Haaayy team  in the 2013 Haystack Team Time Trial. It started out with my father and I getting to the race at 8 AM so my father could race at 9:57. Even though I didn’t race until the late afternoon I wanted to be there to cheer my father on and have an “ample” amount of time to get ready. At about 11 o’clock my father and I went to Panera to get some lunch – I got a bowl of soup and some turkey.

When my dad and I got back to the race parking lot I set out to find Amanda Cyr so I could give her her muffin and I could be ungrounded. Turns out that  Amanda is pretty popular since she told me that other people on other teams had seen our Facebook conversation about the muffins. As Amanda was warming up I taught her how to use bobby pins correctly.

When all the Naked women went to race in the ITT, I decided it was a great time to sleep. At about two o’clock Sadie, Katie, and Jessica showed up to warm up and talk about team strategies. We had decided to do 30 second pulls and that if one of us had to drop that we would just go on and not have someone stay back with the other, just in case one of the two in front had gotten a flat. At three I got on my bike to start my warm up. It wasn’t my usual warm up where I block everything out of my mind with music. This time I was talking with my teammates and joked around a little.

As we were warming up Sadie had told me that her computer was not working and how she wouldn’t know when to pull off the pace line. We decided that every 30 seconds I would yell out something to indicate that it was time to pull off and head to the back of the line.  At 3:36 we set off to the start line since it was about five minutes away.  We got to our start with three minutes to go. We had decided that our line up should be: Sadie, Jessica, me, and then Katie. As we were waiting to start, the race official had to ask what our team name was because it had gotten cut off. When we told him he started to laugh a little then told us about some of the things that could get us Disqualified.

With a minute to go we were ready to race. 5…4…3…2…1 we were off. Our line up ended up being Sadie, me, Jessica, then Katie. At least we got the first and last correct. Our system worked out very well – every 30 seconds I’d yell out “pull” and sure enough the women would pull off, and whenever we would pull off the other girls would say good job as we went back to the pace line. This was a very fast course, 12.4 miles with a huge downhill. We were passed by one team but they kept slinking. They would pass us, then slow up, then we’d pass them, then they started to almost sprint to pass us, then slow up again. As we would pass them I’d yell out to our team “hold your line” indicating that we wouldn’t take a pull while passing them.

At about seven miles into the race we had dropped Jessica – she had worked so hard going down the hill. With about two miles to go Sadie had dropped because her stomach was hurting really bad. It was just Katie and I for the rest of the race.  Katie ended up pulling me for about two minutes, so I could rest. I kept telling myself “one more mile” as we turned the corner we only had about four tenths of a mile left. With 200 meters to go I started to get ready to sprint. I wanted to make sure that Katie was with me because the official would take the second person’s time.  After we finished I was dying inside.  Katie is one heck of a rider! I could not be more proud of Naked Women’s Haaayy Team! We ended up in 7th place with a time of 29:49.0., just 18 seconds behind the team who got 6th place.  I had way too much fun racing it with my lovely team and I’m super proud of all of them!

US Pro Challenge Recap


Anna had some great opportunities to experience the US Pro Challenge behind the scenes: from team car rides, to pro riders borrowing her TT bike, to backstage swag-grabbing opportunities. Here’s her experience. Cover photo by (C)2012 Michael Seeberg.

I had a once-in-a-life-time weekend during the US Pro Challenge. On Friday morning my mother and I woke up rather early (for me at least) to head up to Colorado Springs to volunteer for the Pro Challenge. The entire ride up I was talking about how excited I was. After an hour car drive my mother and I arrived at 10:30am, we looked for our parking lot that we would be guarding. After we found the media lot we went to go get our t-shirts and bags full of goodies. Once we got everything, we went to the finish of the Pro Challenge. Usac had a crit that people could race before the racers came. We went to the finish and met a couple of ladies that saved me a spot at the finish since I couldn’t be there until 2:30. A couple of my teammates raced it, sadly I didn’t get to see them race but I heard they did an amazing job!

During our shift we met some really nice people. I had my ProChallenge tracker app on my phone so I could watch the race while doing our shift. At 2:15 my mom let me go to the finish line because I thought I would miss the finish and I would allow that to happen. As I got to the finish there were A LOT of people by the road waiting for the pros to come. When I got to my spot I found a hard chair to stand on because everyone is taller than me. I think I stood on that chair for at least 30 minutes before some actions started to happen. First in were the ProChallenge VIP cars with Ron Kiefel driving one of them. I tried saying hello but with hundreds of people saying “hi” it’s kind of hard to say hi back to one person. After all the VIP cars got out of the way the police and photo cars started to come by. This really got everyone ready to see the racers come and after about 10 minutes, the lead racers came by then the main peloton about 15 seconds after. During the last two laps the lead racers got caught. With two laps to go one of the racers thought it was the final lap so he sprinted and wasted some energy. When the racers were sprinting for the win, the crowd went nuts; I’m pretty sure I couldn’t hear anything but people slapping on the barriers and screaming.  After Farrar won, I called my mom to see where she was and to see if we could stay for the podium and she thankfully said yes. After the road opened up, people flooding the road there was no spot to stand in the road so I went towards the back and set up one of our camping chairs that we had and stood on it so I could see. I think I was about 50 feet from the stage.


On Saturday, I got to ride in the EPM – UNE chase car!!! The day started off with my brother and I driving down to the Golden stage, on our way we saw the BMC cars in Morrison. We parked near the start in Golden and started to walk around. We had to meet the people between 10:15 and 10:30 but my brother Arie wanted to make sure we had plenty of time and got me there at 9am. As we walked around, we made our way to the team cars and hung around taking photos of the racers and what not.

At 10:15 I met Gus, and he was very nice and made sure I knew where to be. At 10:45 I said goodbye to Arie and got into the team car. I was with another boy named Dionte, and our driver (I can’t remember his name sadly). He didn’t know any English and I barely know Spanish so we couldn’t really talk much during the stage.

We had a neutral start of 3 laps around Golden. Right off the bat racers were attacking left and right. About 9 miles from the start Cadel Evens needed a bike change on our right and on our left was a motorcycle flipped over with gas pouring out of it on the guy who was on the ground. As we went through Boulder for the first time, there was a wall of people and everywhere you looked there were people.  A group of 14 attacked and two people from EPM-UNE were in the break, going up Boulder Canyon, the group was gaining time on the main peloton, so our car got to go with the break away. When we passed the peloton we sped up the canyon going about 60pmh up it to get to the break away. I never realized how the cars communicate with one another until that day. All they do is get about 2 feet away and talked, simple until you’re going about 30mph and have cars around you.  They also have two walky-talkies: one that has a person on it telling who is needed in the peloton, and one to communicate with the other chase car.

It turns out that in the chase cars they make deals with each other for the riders, so Radio Shack came up and talked to our driver about some deal, I couldn’t understand because it was all in Spanish. As we made our way back to Boulder going up le hill, it was crazy how the people made it. If I wanted to, I could reach out and touch someone.  On our way down you could hear all the wheels on the cars screech as we were going so fast around the corners. When we got to the base of the last climb we watched the main peloton go by because we weren’t allowed to go up the hill because it would take to long for us to get down. I got a call from Gus telling me to get our driver back to 20th and Baseline, but again, the only issue was he didn’t know English. Luckily I had a translator on my phone so we could communicate through that. Once we made it back safely we met Rachel, after we gave the driver 3 of our TT bikes, aero helmets, and trainers for the riders to use the next day. Rachel then dropped me off at the nearby Einstein bagels to my mom and we were on our way home.

On Sunday morning, my father and I headed down to the last stage, the TT that was held in Denver. Last year I was unable to go to the last stage, but this year I made sure I had a good spot so I could see the start. My father and I got to Denver at 11:30 an hour and a half before the first rider was going to go off. As we made our way to the trailers, I saw a couple of friend from my old team. We got to the start with 45 minutes till the start, my dad and I waited and waited. At 1pm the first rider went off the crowed was really loud, we watched the riders go off one by one.

After Levi Leipheimer, my friend Davis and I went to find the podium, we walked to the giant stage thinking that was where it was going to be held. We were wrong; it was at the finish. So we made our way to the back of the finish, thinking no one was going to go that way and we could slip in close to front of the podium. Well everyone thought the same thing; it was like we were cattle getting herded. After we got out of that mess, we quickly made our way to the last corner. We finally made it to the podium, but they were already on their way with the most aggressive rider. I realized that the EPM-UNE had my TT bike and I needed to get it before they left for Columbia that night. I quickly said my good-byes to my friends, found my dad and made our way to the UnitedHealth Care RV. When we got to the RV, Gus said that they already left and were on their way to the hotel and had to leave at 4:30, It was 4:00 when he told us this. So he gave us the address to the hotel and we were on our way.

We got to the hotel when they were packing up the truck. It took a bit to find my bike because I know no Spanish at all and that’s all the guys who had my bike knew. One of my teammates Kimberley showed up to get her bike from them, and luckily she knows Spanish so she could talk to them well. I was standing there wondering what they were talking about. After 20 minutes we had everything under control, but we were missing a helmet. Kimberley left and my dad and I were to find the helmet, when we got the helmet and everything was good, my dad and I went to the car and packed up then we realized that most of the teams were going to this hotel so we decided to get our cameras:) I met Chirs Horner, Christian vadavelde, and many others, as my father and I were sitting around .Gus asked if we were in a hurry, we said no so he said that we had tickets to the after party that we needed to give to Rachel. So we sat and sat and the RadioShack team and EPM-UNE team gave us a lot of things like: water bottles, degreaser, soda, nutella and much more! I think we left with over 200 water bottles and at least 200 cans of soda. Here’s a photo of our US Pro Challenge booty! This was one of the best weekends I have ever had, and I owe it all to my amazing team!!

Tommy D’s Thanksgiving Day Ride

TOmmy D thanksgiving ride

TriBella Race Team’s junior Anna Suter, joined World-class Cyclist Tom Danielson on Thanksgiving morning for a ride for Junior cyclists. Tom, professional cyclist with Garmin-Cervelo and top American at the 2011 Tour de France, hosted junior cyclists at his house for a morning ride followed by some Thanksgiving goodies. Anna almost didn’t get a chance to make it because registration closed, but she sent him an email and he personally got back to her to tell her to come along and help! Here’s her take…

On Thanksgiving morning I rode with Tom Danielson, along with 150 other Juniors. When I got there I found out that I was helping. I was fine with this. I mean who wouldn’t want to help out Tommy D and younger riders!? Our job was to ferry the little kids from the back of the pack up to ride with Tommy. There was a beginner, intermediate and advanced course for the riders. When we started, we had the beginners ride with Tommy D first, then behind them was my friend Lauryn and me, and then the intermediate riders were behind us. The beginners only went 2 miles out then turned around to go back to Tommy’s house. After they turned back, we had the intermediate kids go up and ride with Tommy one by one. At first it was like herding cats: the kids were all over the road but thankfully we were on dirt roads and there weren’t many cars out. All of the kids knew they couldn’t pass Lauryn or me unless it was their turn.

We had a good system going; I would fall back and see which kids hadn’t gotten a picture with Tommy D and then I would have the kids that hadn’t gotten a picture get behind me and follow me up to where Lauryn was riding. Then we got our picture with him and we found out the Tommy D likes to talk about the weather and how nice it was (and it really was there wasn’t any wind and it was sunny and somewhat warm). When it was time for the intermediate kids to go back to the house Lauryn and I went with them because they needed help getting all the kids back safely. When we were riding back I met this little girl named Ruby, she started talking about how cool it was that she got to ride with Tommy D and that she was thinking about racing bikes. All-in-all, I had a great time I got to help out with kids while riding my bike, talked to a pro cyclist and I got to hang out with one of my best cycling friends! Next year I’m planning on doing it again and I would recommend any junior to do it, too!

Thanks to American Cycling Association for hosting this ride. And of course, thanks to Tom Danielson, Clint Bickmore (ACA) and Deirdre Moynihan (DBC Events) for organizing it all!