Naked Juice @NakedJuice

Naked® Juice, a leader in the super-premium juice category, was founded and first marketed towel to towel on the beaches of Santa Monica, Calif., in 1983. The beverages in the Naked Juice line of all-natural, 100-percent juices, fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies are made from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar or preservatives. Naked Juice can be found in supermarkets, club stores, health food stores and neighborhood markets throughout the nation. Naked Juice is our second-year title sponsor. Did we mention we love Naked Juice? Connect with Naked Juice on Facebook or www.nakedjuice.com 


Spine One @SpineOneCO

SpineOne is Denver’s premier clinic for innovative spine care and a third-year sponsor for the team. SpineOne offers the latest in the evaluation and non-surgical/interventional treatment of spine-related injuries and disorders resulting from auto accidents, work related accidents, sports/recreational injuries, acute and chronic back or neck pain. SpineOne is dedicated to providing each patient with comprehensive evaluation and medical management services, utilizing the most effective and least intrusive medical techniques available. Connect with Spine One on Facebook or www.spineone.com


Quick Left @QuickLeft

Quick Left is a software development consultancy that specializes in web development, design, training and mobile applications. We accelerate digital product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplification, scalability and today’s smartest web technology backed by a team of experts. Specialties include web development, web design, agile development, mobile development, training, and overall awesomeness skills. Connect with Quick Left on Facebook or www.quickleft.com


Partners in Women’s Health

At Partners in Women’s Health, we offer high quality care in general obstetrics and gynecology, and we are constantly motivated to bring our patients the most recent advances in our field.  We explore the new technologies, and keep current with the evidence-based practices recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). We have listed many of the services we offer below. By no means is this an exhaustive list; these are just some of the more common categories. PIWH is also a third-year sponsor of the team and provides medical care for several of our athletes. Connect with Partners in Women’s Health on Facebook or www.piwhdenver.com


Zlux @ZluxUSA

Zlux has created a formula to make EL (Electroluminescence) applicable to a variety of industries while manufacturing everything in the US. With real-time domestic customer service, shorter lead times, and competitive pricing, Zlux is sure to revolutionize your business. Zlux is focused on thinking outside of the box. With multiple distributors we tap into the market through many different avenues, and our customers are the fundamental piece in keeping our ideas fresh and innovative. We listen carefully to their needs and desires, and are excited to collaborate to find new ways to make our technology work harder and better for them. Located in the greater Denver area, we proudly produce all of our products in the United States and pride ourselves in the philosophy that good partners make the world a better place. Connect with Zlux on Facebook or www.zlux.com


Handlebar Mustache @hbstache

We love to ride and we love a challenge! We like that feeling of being completely spent after an effort that could have been voiced over by Bob Roll. We have our favorite items we grab in our closet after we clean off the road grime tan, and we wanted to make more of these items for everyone. We believe that any of our tees will be worth the extra money you paid for a shirt you’ll want to wear again and again….that’s what premium means to us. We know about the thread count, craftsmanship and color palettes but what really matters is that you love the fit and feel. At Handlebar Mustache we share a passion for these things. We love bicycles. We hate cancer.  We believe it is our moral obligation to help others. We love life. We are either all in or all out. We have to bring passion to what we do or we won’t do it more than once. We bring our travels, experiences and our passion to the drawing board when we design each one of our tees. HB Stache is a second-year sponsor for the team. Connect with Handlebar Mustache on Facebook or www.hbstache.com 


DT Swiss @DT_Swiss

The phrase “swiss precision” is cliché, but in the case of DT Swiss there’s a ton of truth to it. When you build a wheelset with DT Swiss hubs, rims, spokes, or skewers, you’re arming your bike with lightweight, supremely durable components that’ll last season after season with zero maintenance headaches. Training wheels, race wheels — no matter your intended use — DT Swiss rims, hubs, and skewers are meant to be hammered. DT Swiss keeps us rolling again for a second year in a row! www.dtswiss.com


Schwalbe @Schwalbe_NA

Schwalbe is a brand name of Ralf Bohle GmbH,a German manufacturer of bicycle, scooter and wheelchair tires. The company is a third generation, family owned Mittelstand business with global reach. Schwalbe produces a wide range of tires for different cycling applications, but is best known for its commuting, touring and utility tyres such as the Marathon range. Bicycles with small wheel sizes such as 16″ (Brompton) or 20″ (BMX) are also catered for, a market ignored by some larger manufacturers. Schwalbe is based in Reichshof-Wehnrath near Cologne, Germany, although manufacturing is carried out by its Korean joint-venture, production partner, PT Hung-A, in its Indonesian factory. Connect with Schwalbe Tires on Facebook or www.schwalbetires.com


The Feed @theFeedme

The Feed specializes in providing athletes with the best sports nutrition available to fuel their sport and life. Athletes work with a personalized nutrition coach to get one-on-one advice, form a nutrition plan, and build a fully customized box of nutrition from the best brands, delivered monthly with free shipping. Read more about The Feed, visit www.thefeed.com. Connect with The Feed on Facebook and Instagram too!


Turin Bicycles @TurinBikes

Turin Bicycles, Ltd. opened for business in Denver, Colorado, in 1971. As a member of the Turin group, a national buying cooperative, the store was well positioned to compete in the fast growing U.S. adult cycling market. A broad selection of hard-to-get European and Asian cycling products imported by the Turin group afforded the store a competitive marketing edge that allowed for significant early market penetration and consumer recognition. The store’s product mix included a wide range of bikes, from the recreational to the competition level, including Turin brand bikes, which helped establish the store’s identity. Parts and aftermarket accessories, cycle clothing, shoes, and helmets rounded out the product offerings. Connect with Turin on Facebook or www.turinbikes.com.


Troy Lavigne @LavigneTroy

Troy has been practicing massage in Boulder for 9 years now, and in that time has become very familiar with athletes and the injuries related to them. His focus has always been sports/orthopedic work and having worked with Ironman winners, Olympic athletes, professional cyclists and professional soccer players has only increased his passion and enjoyment for therapeutic massage. Through the past 5 years, he has become actively involved in the use of the KinesioTaping Method and finds the benefits to be significant for any athlete of all levels. Past work has included the Trek Factory Racing MTB team, the USA MTB team, the CCA BMX World Cup team, the U-23 Rapids development team and Dale’s Pale Ale semi-pro indoor soccer team. www.troylavigne.com


Specialized Bikes @iamspecialized

Riders designing advanced bikes and equipment that make your ride better. Specialized was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. Based in Northern California, we focus on the rider’s need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit
Mission:  Be the best cycling brand in the world. Connect with Specialized on Facebook or www.iamspecialized.com


Rudy Project @RudyProjectNA

As a leader in sports eyewear, Rudy Project now produces and distributes sunglasses, masks and other sport accessories such as helmets and apparel of the highest technical quality. Rudy Project designer products are made especially for the sports world and as everyone knows: sports have strict rules, mistakes are not allowed. Only by focusing on the quality and versatility of the product, only by paying heed to the needs of athletes of different disciplines can you create original technical solutions that are truly adapted to meet their needs. Rudy Project has been protecting our lid since 2010! Connect with Rudy Project on Facebook or www.rudyproject.com


Mad Alchemy @madalchemy

Mad Alchemy is a line of handcrafted, all natural, cyclecentric body care products, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and most fresh product possible. Embrocation: Warming balm or salve massaged into the legs, low back and shoulder blades before a ride making less than ideal weather more tolerable. Chamois Cream: All natural cream used on saddle contact areas of the body to help reduce friction. Crafted using Essential Oils known to combat bacterial and fungal growth for a more hygienic experience while riding. Ride fast, stay shiny! Connect with Mad Alchemy on Instagram or Facebook too.


Stages Cycling @stagescycling

Our Boulder location serves as both design and engineering headquarters and our final assembly facility. All of our Stages Power meters are assembled in Boulder, CO of components from both domestic and international sources with best environmental practices in mind. By carrying out final assembly here in Boulder our engineers have intimate and ultimate control over both the process and quality of the final product. By building and designing under the same roof, we’re able to develop our products quickly and without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Connect with Stages Cycling on Facebook or www.stagescycling.com


Panache @PanacheCycle

We are a group of guys and gals who love the Ride. We are inspired by racing and by the epic routes that racing takes, from cobbled roads and tree lined avenues to the highest roads that awe you on the way up and put the fear in you on the way down. We also view cycling as not just a sport, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is about the Ride: exploring roads and trails less traveled; the exhilaration that comes with descending a switchbacks, the challenge of a not so perfect surface. And its about the people: friends and teammates to share a ride, or hammer on each other at each and every town sign. To drink a beer or toast a ride well ridden at the end of the day. And its about pushing our own limits and finding meaning in that challenge. Cycling is a lifestyle and we at Panache live it. We hope you do, too. Connect with Panache on Facebook or www.panachecyclewear.com.


Ride For Reading @RideforReading

Naked Women’s Racing supports Ride For Reading. Ride For Reading’s mission is to promote literacy and healthy living through the distribution of books via bicycle to children from low-income neighborhoods. In low-income neighborhoods, the ratio of books per child is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children. *Reading is an integral part of education, and without books it is hard to build a strong academic base. Our children need materials to read at home and it is our goal to provide the means. Did we mention we’ve donated over 5,000 books for this charity in the Denver area? Connect with Ride for Reading on Facebook or www.rideforreading.org


Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado @_ACA

The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado(BRAC) provides invaluable leadership for road, cross and track racing in Colorado by structuring the racing calendar, handling racer upgades, setting high standards for our 130+ annual events, and managing our season-long Point Competitions.  With over 400 licensed juniors and an appreciation for racers new to the sport, the ACA is commited to our Junior Development Program and mentoring programs for new racers. The  ACA serves as the Local Assocation for USACycling in Colorado and eastern Wyoming in 2012. Rachel and Susan, our race team members, are also Board Members at large for BRAC. Connect with BRAC on Facebook or www.coloradocycling.org