Vera Divenyi

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Cat 2 Road, Cat 2 Track, Cat 3 Cyclocross


Having raced road since 2005, Vera has added track to her resume in 2009. In 2011, Vera competed at the US Track Master’s Nationals in Trexlertown, PA bringing to Naked 3 national titles and 3 stars and stripes jerseys. In 2012, at the US Track Master’s Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO, she added another national title to her resume. 2013 was plagued with injury. While channeling her inner Serena Williams on the Wash Park Tennis League, Vera tore her gastroc. Faced with not racing or even riding, Vera spent time reading novels and sampling the various French Rhone Rose wines from the comfort of her backyard lounge chair. “So many wines, so little time,” she added as her new motto. Do not worry though, she has already began to test the waters for the 2014 season and promises that she will be back in the peloton and riding in circles on the track. “I cross train with my physical therapy exercises,” she said, although tennis still begs.

When she is not working hard at the track or helping her team mates out in a criterium, she is working hard as a Wealth Advisor with the private bank, First Western Trust. She loves to travel to Europe and indulge in the epicurean delicacies of France, too. She is currently acting as a travel agent for herself and friends and is planning a trip to the Dordogne for September.

Personal Goal: “To help my team mates get to the next level and to get more women interested in track racing.”

Nickname: I have none here, but my friends from my CA bike team call me Vern.  It very much stuck.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Current Home: Denver, CO
Racing Disciplines: Track, Road and undisciplined Cross
Strengths: Track endurance races and crits, or a road race that I survive with a great lead out!
Racing Since: 2001, if you count my brief mountain bike career.
Favorite Race: Bannock Crit in Colorado and the SF Giro in California.
Hobbies: walks on the beach… actually, gardening, canning, home up keep (surfing Angies list) and shoe collecting.
Status: Single
Favorite Post Race Drink: Protein Zone Mango
Favorite During Race Drink: Powerbar or water, if the race is sucking, Beer
Bikes: 8-too many to describe.
Racing Highlights:It’s the little things, but my first win as a Cat 4 at the Timpani Crit will always stick with me.  Making it past my heats at US Elite Nationals at track last year and getting 7th in the scratch was pretty awesome, too!  I also had about the most fun ever at SuperWeek in 2007.  It didn’t hurt to be 5th overall with Amanda Miller (now of HTC) taking 4th overall by 1 point.
Rollers or trainer: both actually.  Roller at track races and when I need to spin, trainer when I need a workout.
Bibs or shorts: Bibs!
Skinsuit or kit: Love to race in the skinsuit, but you won’t catch me riding up Lookout in it!
Speedplay, Look or Shimano: Time… call me old school.
Carbon or steel: Well, I have both, but let’s go with carbon.
If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? My post work ride through the vineyards in the Canton of Geneva were awesome, but I think that my favorite rides are in Provence near Vaison La Romain.  These can be steep and rolling but you stay alert with the strong smell of lavender and the chirping of the cecadas.  The pay out is the cheese for post-ride recovery!