Michelle Hoffer


Michelle is a California native, who has always enjoyed the outdoors. Now calling Colorado home for the past 11 years, she caught the biking bug thanks to good friends who gave her a borrowed mountain bike, clipped her into peddles and proceeded to take her on her first single track ride in Steamboat Springs 10 years ago.  Her knees and elbows were never the same but the love for mountain biking flourished that day and she has never looked back.  Michelle never considered herself a bike racer, but when her husband and good friend Karen encouraged her to sign up for her first race at Eldora she jumped at the chance, never knowing how fun racing could be.  Enjoying summer camping in Winter Park with her 2 kids and husband led her to meet Joan (and family) who is the most inspiring women rider she has ever met. Influenced her to start signing up for more mountain bike races (5 this year…next year more) and encouraging her to ride longer, harder and faster then she thought possible. You can find Michelle riding up Lookout Mountain trying to beat her best time in the off season but when the weather is nice riding Lair O Bear, Sisters, Mount Falcon (gulp), or Elk Meadow are the places to be.

Personal Goal: To help foster and influence more women to ride, especially mountain bikes.  I also want to move beyond surviving our Tuesday date night (fondly called“death rides”)to kicking those rides next year (Joan, Megan, Susan…..I will one day hopefully catch up to you amazing women)!  Looking forward to signing up for the Firecracker 50 in July for the big 40!

Hometown: Paradise, CA

Current Home: Golden, CO

Racing Disciplines: Mountain, maybe one day I will try CX since it looks so fun.

Strengths: Technical mountain races or long distance

Racing Since: 2009…but not really until 2013

Favorite Race: Mountain-Rendezvous cross country and the Epic Point to Point in Winter Park.  I love the Winter Park series

Hobbies: Biking

Favorite Post Race Drink: Ice cold local beer

Favorite During Race Drink: Half water half Naked Juice Coconut Water.

Bikes: Race bike:Yeti ASR 5 carbon.  Other bikes…let’s just say the garage is getting full.

Racing Highlights: 2013 Sport-3rd place at Battle the Bear, 1st place Rendezvous cross country, 1st place epic point to point, 3rd place cross country super loop and a super fun time at the Yeti Betty race at Bear Lake.

Rollers or trainer: Trainer

Bibs or shorts: Kit…since I still can’t comprehend how you pee in bibs

Skinsuit or kit: kit

Speedplay, Look or Shimano:  Road – Look, Mtn – SRAM

Carbon or steel: Carbon

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass on the CT and Monarch Crest trail.  Amazing!