Katey Martus

Expert Mountain, Mountain Co-Captain

Katey is a California native who grew up riding horses in the hills of Marin County. Horseback riding for hours on end in the hills, she would watch cyclists come blazing through rocky terrain on some of the earliest renditions of mountain bikes. She vowed someday, she too would follow in their footsteps. Flash forward some 35+ yrs later…she’s riding a different saddle. Living in Boulder, which is truly a recreational mecca, she feels incredibly fortunate to having access to some of the most renowned trails. A mother and ski instructor during the Winter season, outdoor activity is her key to having a healthy balance for life. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than teaching her boys to mountain bike, mentoring young women and sharing her passion for riding with others. For Katey, she is always looking to improve her skills; be it climbing some of the most lung-searing, thigh-burning climbs, mastering an especially tricky section of trail, or simply learning to slow down and take in her surroundings, she is constantly reminded of how lucky she is.

Personal Goal: Continue to share my love of cycling with others! And of course, race strong, fast and wisely.

Hometown: Kentfield, CA

Current home: Boulder, CO
Racing disciplines: Mountain
Started racing: 2015 after 10 year hiatus
Favorite race/racing highlights: 24HOP, 12hrs Mesa Verde, Laramie Enduro, Bailey Hundo
Bikes: LaPierre 529, Motobecane Fly Team 29 Ti, Motobecane Sturgis fat bike and townie
Pedal preference: SPD
Rollers or trainer? Neither – fat bike when it’s snowy
Bibs or shorts? Bibs
Skinsuit or kit? Kit
Water or drink mix? ScratchLabs
Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Gummy bears & Nut Rolls
Place I would most like to ride a bike…..the moon
When I am not riding a bike I…..am off the grid seeking pow and/or laughing uncontrollably