Megan Birckhead

Cat 4 Road, Cat 4 Cross, Cat 3 Mountain

Megan has lived in Colorado most of her life and grew up playing in the mountains on foot and on bike. She always saw bike riding as part of her life but didn’t get into racing until she was in college and heard about this crazy sport called cyclocross. She only dabbled in racing during college while she worked to finish her Chemical Engineering degree in 4 years. Now that she’s free from school she enjoys, riding, running, and just playing outside in her free time. She enjoys getting other women motivated to try the sport of riding, whether just for fun, or to try a race. She wants to grow as a mentor bringing more women into the sport, and she wants to be mentored by other women who can teach her better riding techniques and training.

Personal Goal: To go to nationals for mountain biking

Hometown: Denver, CO

Current home: The Ranch, CO

Racing disciplines: cyclocross, mountain, road

Year you started racing: 2014

Favorite race/racing highlights: Wining the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series for my age group

Bikes: Mountain – Specialized Era, Cross – Specialized Tricross, Road – Douglas Precision

Pedal preference: Time

Rollers or trainer? Trainer, crashing in my living room is embarrassing

Bibs or shorts? Bibs

Skinsuit or kit? Kit for now

Water or drink mix? Water during a race, Naked Coconut Water after

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Honey Stinger Waffles

Place I would most like to ride a bike…..Alpe d’Huez

When I am not riding a bike I…..enjoy running, weight lifting, and spending time with my family.