Helen Prieto


Cat 4 Road, Cat 4 Cyclocross

Helen learned to ride a bicycle in her parents back yard at the age of 4. The bicycle was a generic box store brand single speed kids bike chosen by her dad. It was black, and despite mom’s comments regarding dad’s unfortunate choice of color, she absolutely loved it. Then came a move; the kids bike was left behind and was soon replaced by a purple mountain bike. She loved this one too and happily rode it into fences while attempting to impress her brother by performing stunts with her eyes closed (don’t attempt this kids, it was foolish and painful). Alas, there was no avoiding the dark ages (i.e., teenagedom) during which studious curiosity and bookishness led her to prefer the indoors. Thus, the mountain bike was forgotten outside and left for the steel the to corrode (don’t let this happen kids, it was sad). The enlightenment came after college graduation and an engineering job in Boulder, where the fervent cycling community (i.e., crazed co-workers) encouraged her into falling in love again, this time with an aluminum cross bike. Helen is still curious, and the local excitement about cycling as a sport was too intriguing to not explore. After reawakening her sense of balance, nursing scraped knees, massaging bruises, and enduring through the obligatory saddle hunt challenge, Helen finally joined in on the fervor when she finished her first cross race just this September of 2013.

Personal Goal:  Contribute to the collective sense of excitement for the sport. Increase levels of exhilaration and technical ability. Furthermore, I’m saving my pennies for a mountain bike.  Riding (flailing) Betasso on my cross bike was just a little too bumpy for comfort.

Nickname:  None yet

Hometown:  Brighton, CO

Current Home: Brighton

Racing Disciplines: Cyclocross

Strengths: None yet

Racing Since: September 2013

Hobbies:  hiking, cycling and reading.

Status: Single

Favorite Post Race Drink: Water.

Favorite During Race Drink:  I race cyclocross, no water bottle cages, but I will drink anything handed up.

Bikes: Specialized Crux

Racing Highlights:  First cyclocross race in September 2013, Back to Basics, Golden Co –  I didn’t know a soul, I didn’t chicken out, and I didn’t fall.  Raced Primalpalooza – Finishing this race mid pack sealed the deal for me. 

Rollers or trainer: Trainer

Bibs or shorts: Bibs

Skinsuit or kit:  Kit!

Speedplay, Look or Shimano:  Shimano

Carbon or steel:  I only have one bike – it is aluminum.  Lugged steel is beautiful and made with love, carbon is light and strong.  I would cherish a steel bike and race on a carbon frame.

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Spain, preferably near the coast.