Emily Zinn

Cat 3 Road, Cat 3 Cross

Emily spent much of her infancy in the back of a women’s team van driving to road races while women built wheels around her. After dabbling in a variety of sports and cycling recreationally, she entered a cyclocross race and finished dead last, but muddy and smiling. Every week she lined up for a race her excitement grew until total addiction took hold.  Her inspiration was seeing one of the junior girls sprint side-by-side with her best friend to the line at Lookout, and push it so hard she threw up once she crossed! It’s an exiting time for American women’s cycling and she is ecstatic to see the support for women’s and junior racing explode. She hopes to see that momentum continue and grow, and will humbly continue to do her part by lining up and making her legs scream and getting covered in mud… and hopes that many women will follow suit!

Personal Goal: To inspire so many women to come out and race that the men are joining women’s races to compete at a higher level!

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Current Home: Boulder, CO
Racing Disciplines: ‘Cross, Road
Racing Since: Life-long dabbler, but have only been racing in earnest since 2011

Favorite Race: CycloX Louisville

Bikes: Zinn Magster ‘Cross, Zinn Magster Road, Specialized Fate

Pedal preference: Crank Brothers. Yes, for road, too.

Rollers or trainer? Please, spare me the horror of indoor training. I’ll train in the rain or the dark, if need be.

Bibs or shorts? Bibs

Skinsuit or kit? Skinsuit

Water or drink mix? Water

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Chocolate chip cookies

Place I would most like to ride a bike…..maybe someday I’ll be tough enough for La Ruta.

When I am not riding a bike I…..find other ways to play in the sun, snow or mud.