Becky Howland

CAT 2 Mountain,  CAT 3 Cyclocross

Becky grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and has called Colorado home for the last 17 years.  Originally she moved west to become a member of the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol. Six years ago Becky went back to school earning her second Bachelor’s degree, this time in nursing.   Becky has been a registered nurse in the operating room at the Vail Valley Medical Center for the last four years.

With a big birthday looming, she joined the Naked Women’s Cycling team in 2015.  Although she had been on bicycles her whole life, she had never competed in a race. The cycling community and this team specifically have been amazing. The second year on the team allowed for the opportunity to train harder going into the season, and a chance to try and love mountain bike racing. She is looking forward to her third year on the team and maybe the chance to stand on a cyclocross podium!

Personal goal: To podium in a cat 3 cyclocross race

Hometown: Albany, NH

Home: Minturn, CO

Disciplines: Mountain, Cross

Racing since: 2015

Favorite race/highlighgts: Podiums in all my mountain bike races this last year, including a state championship in Eagle.

Bikes: Mountain- Yeti Beti ASRc  Cx- Cannondale

Pedals: SPD

Roller/Trainer: Trainer

Bibs/Shorts: Bibs

Skinsuit or kit: kit

Water or mix: water, scratch for xc mountain bike races

Mid ride nutrition: Honey stinger waffles, chews

Place would most like to ride a bike: Mountain biking in Iceland is still at the top of my list

When I’m not riding: I ski, read, cook, hike, camp, and spend as much time with my dog T as I can!