Katie Whidden

Cat 4 Road

Katie is a former division one collegiate athlete who has always made an effort to get those around her moving.  She has acquired coaching certifications from USA cycling  and USA triathlon and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  She owns Lifelong Endurance, a local coaching and training company.

Katie started riding when her high school basketball coach asked her if she was interested in a way of cross training.  She quickly feel in love with cycling because there is no better feeling than riding in a group and reaching high speeds.  When she is not on the bike you can find her exploring the Colorado mountains. 

Katie is currently focusing her efforts on time trials but has raced all disciplines of cycling except for the track.  She also has extensive experience racing triathlons where she has won overall female multiple times.

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Current home: Lakewood,CO
Racing disciplines: I’ve tried everything but the track.  I spend most time competing in time trials.
Started racing: 2010
Favorite race/racing highlights: Last year my highlight was doing the Best on Hess TT.  I was convinced by a teammate to do 3 races ( individual TT, team TT aero and team TTnon-aero).  Three all-out TT efforts made it a challenging day, especially on that course, but I had a blast working with teammates and pushing through.
Bikes: Pinarello road bike, Cannondale TT and MTB, Giant cross bike
Pedal preference: Egg beaters for mtb and Look Keo for road
Rollers or trainer? Computrainer!
Bibs or shorts? Bibs
Skinsuit or kit? Skinsuit
Water or drink mix? Water, unless it’s a long race
Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Huma gels
Place I would most like to ride a bike…..I have ridden in Europe once and would like to ride in more countries there.
When I am not riding a bike I…..can be found in the pool or running.