Kate Williams

Cat 4 Road, Website Manager

Originally from Cape Cod, MA, Kate has called Colorado home for almost 20 yrs. Although new to bike racing as a 50+ athlete, training and endurance sports have always been an important part of her life. A former lifeguard, marathon runner and triathlete, she can now be found on a road bike on roads with elevation gain, and indoors teaching spin classes at CAC. Kate has an MS in Exercise Science, and loves everything about the science of training. She feels fortunate to have found CWCP and the team of amazing women athletes who balance training, family, career, giving back to the community and reach for the stars… and do it so well.

Personal Goal: Race more than hill climbs and more than just on pavement.

Home town: Dennis, MA

Current Home: Denver, CO

Racing Discipline: Road

Started Racing: 2015

Favorite Race/Racing Highlights: 2016 Pikes Peak Natl HC Champs (bronze medalist), Sunshine HC, any race where the road turns up.

Bikes:  Cervelo R5

Pedal Preference: Look Keo

Rollers or Trainer? Trainer

Bibs or Shorts? Bibs for Outdoor, Shorts for Indoor

Skinsuit or kit? Kit

Water or Drink Mix? Water

Favorite Mid-Ride Nutrition: PB&J

Place I would Most Like to Ride a Bike.….Dolomites, Italy and Mallorca, Spain

When I am not riding a bike I.…update our website and create playlists for spin class.