Jenna Koval

Cat 4 Road

Jenna is a Chicago native, who despite growing up around tons of pavement did not get on a road bike* until the summer of 2015. When she did finally get her hands on a road bike, she was immediately hooked. By May of 2016 she completed her first road race! Jenna is so excited to join the Naked Women’s Racing Team for the 2017 season. She is looking forward to the opportunity to train and race with a passionate, motivated and supportive group of women; And is looking forward to learning from peers and predecessors… When not on a bike, Jenna is an Agile Project Manager at a Tech Consulting firm. Her other hobbies include: Crafting, skiing, spending time with her cats and experimenting in the kitchen. *She did go through a fixie / crusty commuter phase circa 2009 .. if you ask nicely she may show you pictures.

Personal Goal: To Podium at the 2017 Glencoe Grand Prix 

Hometown: Glencoe, IL

Current home: Boulder, CO

Racing disciplines: Road, Track curious

Racing since: 2016

Favorite race/racing highlights: Managing to get through my first race season un-scathed, with no DNFs (even though the Gold Rush almost got me).

Bikes: Giant Propel Advanced 1

Pedal preference: Look

Rollers or trainer? Rollers

Bibs or Shorts? Bibs

Skinsuit or Kit? A matchy-matchy kit

Water or drink mix? Watermelon or Nude GU

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Watermelon or cantaloupe… or chews

Place I would most like to ride a bike: The Dolomites (Italian Alps)

When I am not riding a bike I ….Craft, ski, fly fish, go to concerts & cook.