Sandy Hosey

Cat 3 Road, and hopefully venturing into Cross (and Gravel).

Sandy grew up in Northeast Pa, and starting racing bikes as an Intermediate (12-14 years old), and her first team was the Scranton Wheelmen (The same Scranton from the Office tv series). She raced as a Junior in High School as well as competed in cross country and track for her high school team. Sandy raced as a Senior and attempted to cross into triathlons, however found the water was not her natural environment. She relocated to Colorado in 2008 with the goal of riding her bike in the mountains, however the Colorado National Guard decided they needed a behavioral specialist in Iraq more then the mountains needed another cyclist, so Sandy spend a year in Iraq. After returning to Colorado, the Army decided Afghanistan also needed a behavioral specialist. Sandy has returned to school, and cycling, and is looking forward to racing with the Naked Woman’s Cycling Team.

Personal Goal: I was an Intern at Girls Inc. this past semester and want to continue to inspire girls to participate in cycling for recreation and competition. I also want to support my awesome Teammates this season.

Hometown: Plymouth

Current home: Lakewood

Racing since: It was the 80’s when the jerseys were wool.

Favorite race/racing highlights: My first race in Fairmount Park Philadelphia and the Orangeville Circuit race outside of Berwick Pa.

Bikes: Eddy Merckx EMX5, Aerocat TT, Lemond Steel Road, and a Fyxation single speed commuter.

Pedal preference: Look  

Rollers or trainer? Rollers, however i am adjusting to a new Kickr.

Bibs or Shorts? Bibs

Skinsuit or Kit? Kit except for time trials then a skinsuit.

Water or drink mix? Scratch or Osmo.

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Honey Stinger or Bananas (I did start in the 80’s)

Place I would most like to ride a bike: France, however I have yet to explore all that Colorado has to offer.

When I am not riding a bike….I am working on my thesis, volunteering at Girls Inc, or spending time with my faithful beagle companion.