Kim Fairley

Cat 3 Road

Kim has been a runner for most of her life. She ran tons of track races and competed in some big marathon races (Boston, 2015). In 2013 she was drawn to biking and bought a second-hand bike to give it a shot for a summer season. Ohh my, it was love at first sight. She loved the speed, the group element, climbing mountains and chasing men who cursed when she was faster, HA!

In 2015 she crossed the Atlantic to settle in Boulder for a postdoctoral research position at University of Colorado Boulder. At the same time, she decided to take racing more serious and joined Naked Women’s Cycling team to compete in road cycling racing. 2015 was an amazing first season. She learned so much about racing, tactics, the importance of saving energy, basically: smart racing. She earned enough points to upgrade to Cat 3 and she is super eager to do well this upcoming season.


Your hometown: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Your current home: Boulder, CO

Racing disciplines: road

Year you started racing: 2015.

Bikes: I have an old love affair with Italian cycles, but I ride Specialized now.

Pedal preference: Look

Rollers or trainer: I hate both of them #outsideisfree

Bibs or shorts: bibs

Skinsuit or kit: kit

Water or drink mix: some ugly looking electrolyte drink please!

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: cherry pie Larabar

Place I would most like to ride a bike: Just give me a mountain and I’m happy 🙂

When I am not riding a bike…. I am either crunching data in Matlab, sleeping, indulging myself with good food and a beer or…. running in Boulder paradise!