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Join one of the largest women's cycling teams in the US.

And USA Cycling's Women's Club of the Year (2012)
Are you are interested in getting to know other women who love to ride and race their bikes, have a great sense of humor (or enjoy people who do), feel good about giving back to the community that you live in – let us know – you’re welcome to meet up with us on or off the bike! Check our calendar for group rides. What's the difference between the race and club teams? Read our FAQ's.

About the Race Teams

The priority of CWCP; Naked Women’s Racing is to promote women’s cycling, our sponsors and our team. In addition to being great ambassadors to cycling, we are also involved in our community. 

We are an all women cycling team with racers in road, mountain, cyclocross and track. Many of our team members train and race in multiple disciplines! Each group has captains which organize training rides and assist with race planning and social events. While we take racing seriously, we are also about fun and most importantly, mentoring new riders and racers. We want more women on bikes! We offer skill building clinics and team camp for all members to foster development and team work!

We have a code of conduct which all race and club team members agree to follow as a condition of joining us. 

Some of the key expectations include:

Following bicycle related laws on roads, paths and mountain bike trails which includes being courteous, obeying all traffic laws and sharing the road as a positive representative of our team and the sport. 

Supporting and abiding by all USAC and UCI standards, rules and code of conduct.

Racing cleanly.  All team members agree not to consume any substance banned by the anti-doping terms of USADA, WADA, USCF, CCA, FIAC, UCI, IOG, or any anti-doping, participating or governing body, event related. 

Riding and racing safely and fairly. 

Wearing our team kit during training and competition, racing in the current year kit.

Being mindful of social media posts and ensuring published content respects our values and those of our sponsors.

Race Team Requirements

In addition to following our code of conduct, the primary requirements of being a race team member include:

    • Completing a minimum of 6 races in any discipline (road, Mtb, Track, CX, BMX) during the 2018 season (Oct. 1, 2017- Sept. 30, 2018).
    •  A volunteer commitment of a total of 16 hours per year. 8 hrs at our team race, the Bannock Criterium (August 2018) and 8 hrs with one or more of our approved cycling related non profits
    •  Agreement to purchase at least 1 current season team kit (jersey & shorts or bibs). 
    •  Social media and personal promotion of our sponsors and our team.
    •  Wearing a helmet at all times while riding a bicycle.
    •  Maintaining a current USAC license and a BRAC membership listing Naked Women’s  Racing as current racing team for all disciplines.
    •  Providing a min. of 2 race reports or article submissions with images or videos for our blog.
    •  Leading a min.of 2 no-drop team training rides open to all team and club members.
    •  Attending a min. of 4 team training rides per year (you lead 2, you attend 2). 
    •  Recording and submitting ride mileage, finished races, led/attended team training rides and  volunteer hours on a monthly basis.

We offer end of season dividends for race team members who have completed ALL requirements. Please understand that any race dividends are tied to volunteer hours completed, race responsibilities, and other commitments as a race team member. Our race team is about giving back, mentoring new riders, and camaraderie. If you only want to race your bike and see what you get for free, this IS NOT the team for you. 


Your signature will be required on our race team application that you agree to honor our code of conduct and commit to our requirements. Please review both carefully. 

Click to view our Code of Conduct.

Click to view our Race Team Requirements

You are welcome to contact us at any time with questions about our code of conduct, race team requirements or simply to ask more questions about joining our team. 


Our race team is currently full and no longer accepting applictions. 

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