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Join one of the largest women's cycling teams in the US.

And USA Cycling's Women's Club of the Year (2012)
If you are interested in getting to know other women who love to ride / race their bikes, have a great sense of humor (or enjoy people who do), feel good about giving back to the community that you live in – let us know – you’re welcome to meet up with us on or off the bike! Our team is no longer accepting applications for the 2017 season but you are more than welcome to ride with us! Check our calendar for group rides. Visit the join page to register for our waitlist (you'll receive early communication on future race and club team membership opportunities).

About the Race Teams

Naked Women’s Racing race team is an all-women’s cycling team based in Colorado. In addition to being great ambassadors to cycling, we are also involved in the community.  All race team members are expected to volunteer for our team race and complete volunteer hours with an approved non-profit organization (see our volunteer page for the list!).  Before you apply, please understand that any race reimbursements are tied to the volunteer hours, race responsibilities, as well as your racing schedule. Please see our 2017-race-team-requirements Our race team is about giving back, mentoring new riders, camaraderie and growing the sport from the ground up.

If you only want to race your bike and get free gear, this IS NOT the team for you.

We begin accept applications to our race team at the end of August each year. Currently, our race team selection has been decided for the 2017 season, but please keep us in mind for the 2018 season. You are welcome to contact us at any time to inquire about the team. 

See below for the requirements and category designations. These are subject to change. 

If you have any questions about the requirements please feel free to email us (info @ nakedwomenracing.com).  

Cat 4 Road/Cyclocross minimum race commitment: 
8 Total. 4 Road Races, 4 can be other types of bike races.

Cat 3 Road/Cyclocross/Masters minimum race commitment: 
10 Total. 5 Road Races, 5 can be other types of bike races.

Cat 1/2 Road/Cyclocross minimum race commitment:
12 Total. 6 Road Races, 6 can be other types of bike races.

Mountain Bike Team minimum race commitment:
6 total mountain bike races

Qualifying races

  • TT Series: Every 2 starts in a TT series will count as 1 race start.
  • MTB Series: Every 3 starts in a MTB series will count as 1 race start.
  • Stage Race: Each race start will count as 1 race start (stage race and criterium = 2 races).
  • Training races do not count as a race start.
  • Races will only count if you finish and have a result.
  • Races will only count if you provide a receipt!
  • Other qualifying races: track, cyclocross, mountain bike, gran fondos, enduros. Sorry, triathlons do not count as a bike race. But we welcome triathletes to try bike racing!

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