Lori Antolec Cyclocross Cat 3

Lori Antolec

Cyclocross Team – Cat 3

Hometown: De Pere, WI

Strengths: Even keeled- I maintain a good mental disposition even during tough times when racing or on long rides. 

Favorite Race: CX – any race with snow and mud!

Years Racing: 8

What motivates you to ride? Being outdoors and having fun with friends. 

What racing obstacle have you overcome? Race day anxiety! I’ve gotten sick in my car on the way to a race and somehow won (thankfully my husband was driving)…maybe I have not overcome it yet but I acknowledge it and don’t let it stop me from participating. 

Favorite Part of Racing: The camaraderie and heckling (giving and receiving) is a close second. 

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? New Zealand. 

What are you most proud of in your cycling career? Helping other people get started or gain more confidence in cycling. 

What is your favorite post ride meal? Mexican tater tots.

What is your superpower? The ability to sleep anywahere/anytime. 



I have always enjoyed all things outdoors, but in 2009/2010 I was pulled to the sidelines with misdiagnosed then mistreated, pulmonary embolisms. The year off gave me a greater appreciation for a “just doing it” attitude…you don’t have to be the best, you just have to have fun! I was given the all-clear in the fall (CX season) of 2010. I knew nothing about CX, but was excited to be back in action. I bought a CX bike, registered for a race, and attended a clinic all in the same week. The rest is history – I now compete in any mountain or cyclocross race that fits my schedule. When I’m not on one of my many bikes, I enjoy traveling with my husband and hanging out with friends. 

Lori Antolec

Lori Antolec Blue Sky Cup 3rd SW3 2016


Lori Antolec Primalpalooza 3rd SW3 2016

Lori Antolec Primalpalooza 3rd MW40+ 2016

Lori Antolec at the Dakota Five-0

Lori Antolec at the Dakota Five-0