Emily Zinn CX Team Cat 3

Emily Zinn

Cyclocross Team – Cat 3 – Co-Captain

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Strengths: Mud, snow and snark.

Favorite Race: Bowl of Death AKA Louisville Rec Center

Years Racing: 6

What motivates you to ride? Seeing women on the road and trails keeps me motivated. And I like to stay match-fit in case I ever need to outrun a hungry lion.

What racing obstacle have you overcome? Cyclocross is basically all obstacles, so all sorts, barriers, muddy hills, crashed riders. But in all seriousness, it’s always a challenge to continue getting after it, knowing I can’t live up to my expectations on the volume I train.

Favorite Part of Racing: Unpredictability and chaos. 

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Mountain bike hut trip though Cappadocia, Turkey. 

What are you most proud of in your cycling career? Coaching kids who have grown into amazing, thoughtful, fun, respectful and multi-dimensional people who love racing their bikes. 

What is your favorite post ride meal? Whatever is closest at hand. 

What is your superpower? The ability to sleep anywhere. It may sound lame, but one of the superpowers truly worth having…..



I love to be outside toeing the line between in and out of control. Rafts, skis, hiking boots and bikes all take me to wonderful adventures. I also love creating things of all variety and get to do lots of that as a museum curator. I’ve lived 3 years abroad and been to nearly 30 countries. Other adventures include captaining a raft down the Grand Canyon, relocating mature crocodiles and living aboard a 16th Century replica ship. I believe that if you ride it, you should learn to wrench it. 

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Emily Zinn as Jesse Mile High Urban Cx Chaos


Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn


Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn