Dawn Larson Road Cat 5

Dawn Larson

Road Team – Cat 5/MW 50+

Hometown: Clear Lake, Iowa

Strengths: juggling work/travel schedule with training, empowering women

Favorite Race: any endurance race

Years Racing: 3

What motivates you to ride? I enjoy riding with friends, staying healthy, and racing endurance. 

What racing obstacle have you overcome? juggling work travel schedule with training

Favorite Part of Racing: setting a goal to race and then actually racing

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? anywhere in the world my friends and sister want to ride longer than 40 miles. 

What are you most proud of in your cycling career? Texas Time Trials 12 hour Tin Butt, longest distance to date and most challenging in heat and humidity and wind. 

What is your favorite post ride meal? Naked Juice Smoothie Protein Zone and a juicy hamburger followed by a ice-cold Belgian beer.

What is your superpower? the ability to be invisible but only when people aren’t looking. 



I grew up in Iowa close to a lake. We spent time on our bikes as teenagers riding 14 miles around the lake on our way to the bakery. I have done some triathlons, biathlons, marathons, one-and-done Ironman, most activities outside. I race to improve personally and to motivate me to complete my training when life gets chaotic. I enjoy being part of an all-women’s race team because of the like-mindedness of friendship. fitness, community service, and fun. When I am not riding my bike, I enjoy running, hiking, being a grandma of four little boys (three of them on bikes already), volunteering for races and doing other outside activities with my youngest daughter. I travel for work as an international stenographer, so it’s always a challenge and rerward to find a great little bike shop in cities around the world who will actually carry and rent a race road bike!!