Chandini Dahlberg Mtb Team Cat 3

Chandini Dahlberg

MTB Team – Cat 3

Hometown: Greybull, WY

Strengths: Rock gardens

Favorite Race: Laramir Mountain Bike Series

Years Racing: 1

What motivates you to ride? The feeling that comes with clearing a big drop. Mountain biking ois so empowering and really teaches you how to overcome your fears. 

Favorite Part of Racing: Everyone riding their bikes as fast as they can in the same direction!

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Any UCI downhill track.

What are you most proud of in your cycling career? Becoming a mechanic. It was a big learning curve but now I can confidently help myself and others when issues arise out on the trail.

What is your favorite post ride meal? Peanut butter sandwich and Recoverite. 



I discovered mountain biking by accident a few years ago. I was just looking for a commuter bike but when a friend suggested taking my new hardtail out on some trails, my life changed. Since then I become a HUGE fan of downhill, started working at a bike shop, and am an avid promoter of getting more women on bikes.