Alexandra Morgan Cat 3 2017 Colorado State Road Champion

Allie Morgan

Road Team – Cat 3 

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Strengths: Hills and long road roads.

Favorite Race: Steamboat Stage Race.

Years Racing: 2

What motivates you to ride? I ride my bike because of the incredible places I am able to go and because of the strength I feel when I conquer new challenges. While I was living in Boulder, it seemed like there were endless possibilities for rides to beautiful, picturesque places right outside my door. I fell in love with the adventure of riding to new places and the comfort of revisiting old cherished routes. I am also motivated to ride because of how strong I feel when I am on my bike. Getting to the top of a hard climb or finishing a long ride is such an empowering feeling that makes me love the sport. 

What racing obstacle have you overcome? During my first year of racing I had a hard time with criteriums. I couldn’t get comfortable riding in a pack, had a hard time with sprints and tended to play it safe during the critical parts of the races. This past season I decided to sign up for as many criteriums as possible and try a new tactic at each one. I started using the races as a way to learn and actually found some moves that worked after trial and error. Although I am far from a crit expert, I really enjoy racing them now and am excited to keep building my skills! 

Favorite Part of Racing: I love the feeling of digging deep during the last few miles of a long road race, after you are already tired and can somehow pull out a little bit more. 

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? I would love to ride through Iceland. 

What are you most proud of in your cycling career? I am most proud of the two races I have done up Pikes Peak. Both times I rode up the peak felt like battles against myself to see what my body was capable of doing. I am really proud that I was able to finish both races feeling like I gave everything I could. 

What is your favorite post ride meal? Chocolate milk and pasta. 

What is your superpower? Baking cookies! 



I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO and attended the Univ. Of Colorado Boulder for college. I started racing my last year of college and continued for an additional year after graduation. I recently moved out to New Hampshire to start medical school at Dartmouth and am very excited for this new chapter (although I defintely miss riding in the mountains of Boulder). Outside of cycling and school I love to hike, kayak and cook/eat!

Allie Morgan  2017 SW3 Road Championship at Salida

Allie Morgan 2017 SW3 Road Championship at Salida


Allie Morgan  Steamboat Stage Race 2016 1st GC SW4, 1st RR SW4

Allie Morgan Steamboat Stage Race 2016 1st GC SW4, 1st RR SW4


Allie Morgan racing the CSU Oval Crit

Allie Morgan racing the CSU Oval Crit