FAQs about Our Race, Club Teams and Women's Cycling

Q I am unsure about joining the race team or the club team. What is the difference? 

A  While we ask both groups to agree to our code of conduct and commit to volunteer hours, our race teams have minimum racing requirements. Each race team member commits to finishing six (6) races per year as well as leading and attending team rides and other requirements. The complete list of requirements for race team members can be found here. Club team members are asked to volunteer for 8 hours at our team race in August, the Bannock St. Criterium in Memory of Mike Nields. This is the one opportunity for us all to work together to support cycling racing in our community. There is no racing requirement for club team members.

Q What are the requirements to join the club?

A We ask for adherence to our code of conduct, 8 hours volunteer hours at our team race, a willingness to promote our sponsors while representing them in a positive and professional manner, and to wear a helmet at all times while riding a bicycle! Our primary purpose is to pursue and spread the passion we share for cycling within our community. We are a team of women who are competitors and athletes, who work hard, have fun and love cycling.

Q  I would like to find other women to ride with, but I don’t usually ride with a group. Will I be able to keep up on your rides?

A  Yes! We schedule “No Drop” rides in which no rider will ever be left on their own.  A no-drop ride route is reviewed beforehand. Designated meet-up locations are pre-determined and all riders will re-group during each ride. These can take place on the road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes and even track bikes. No drop rides are intended to be endurance rides with an opportunity to meet and socialize with other team and club members! Each race team member is also required to lead two group rides so that’s over 100 no-drop group rides being hosted per year.

Q I have never entered a race and am not sure what to expect, will there be anyone there to help me?

A There is strength in numbers, and our team boasts over 100 members, which means you can always count on a team member at a race. The more experienced on the team take pride in assisting new racers just beginning their journey. After all, every single one of us had to learn how to pin on a number from someone! Additionally, we offer clinics as part of the member benefits. These are fantastic opportunities to learn and improve skills. We also have team captains who can help you as well. Each category and discipline has two team captains and even a club captain to help you out.

Q When can I join the club?

A Our club accepts memberships in the fall for the upcoming season. This ensures each member is able to participate in our team order night and first-round of cycling kit orders, too. The majority of our clinics, which are free to all CWCP members, occur in the winter and spring. If club membership is full, we maintain a waitlist.  

Q I am unsure of the right equipment to purchase. How can you help?

A  We are fortunate to have experts in the industry such as Rudy Project, Sidi, and Stages Cycling as our sponsors. Turin Bicycles, voted one of Denver’s top 10 bike shops, is our sponsor and can assist you in making the perfect selection for your discipline, ability and budget! You can also ask the women on our team for opinions. We have many veterans who are happy to help with your questions once you join.

Q How does the team and club train over the winter?

A  Weather dependent of course, but our team trains outdoors all year long! Look on the team calendar for posted group rides. Winter group rides are often more spontaneous, and we maintain an active group on Facebook (open only to members) where we communicate ride interest. Indoors you will find us at Inspired Training Center, in Boulder with FasCat and rides on Zwift.  It’s a fun way to keep training as a group when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Q How does the group communicate?

A We maintain a calendar in google which identifies group rides, clinics, events, and races. Additionally, we use group email as a means to communicate details about a calendar listing. Our web site features members’ blog posts and race reports, and our Facebook pages (public and closed group) are active.  We post photos of events, races and group rides using this to promote our team, but also to communicate with the cycling community and our own team. You can also find us on Instagram at @nakedwomenracing. Give us a follow there and on our Facebook page here!


Q How do you get one of those sweet kits?

A You have to be on the race or club team to wear and race in our kit. We do multiple kit orders throughout the year (usually one in Nov./Dec, and if enough interest, one in February and mid-summer).

Additional info about ordering our kits:

  • You set up an online account to order. This link is emailed out to the team.
  • You will have a limited time to place your order. (5-10 days).
  • As a reminder, every person needs to order at the very minimum one kit. We advise ordering more if you don’t like to do laundry every day.
  • Kits are sorted ahead of time and shipped to your house for a small fee so ensure your shipping information is correct.
  • You can see prices on everything when you create an account. A kit (jersey and shorts or bibs) usually costs about $150.

Q What do I get for joining the club team?

A The team is what you make of it. You will need to make an effort to join in on group rides, may involve some driving at times, but it’s worth it to get to know our great group of ladies. You can also send out ride invites or plan rides with others, don’t just wait for something to happen and for someone to take you along. The team can be whatever you want it to be, you have to be active in it to make it happen. Tangibles include discounts on kits, sponsor items, bike related service, parts, bikes, free clinics led by professional cyclists, sports psychologists and leaders in the cycling world. You also get access to our communication platforms to coordinate rides every day of the year. We also cover team dues to accrue points for team and individual series competitions like Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado’s Best All-Around Team and more. You also get peace of mind that you don’t have to coordinate anything (unless you volunteer to do so). Race team members get year end race dividend reimbursement if they achieve team requirements. Club team members get their dues back if they race 5 times in qualifying races! But this is NOT why women join our team – it’s about camaraderie and growing the sport, not about how much “free stuff” you get.  

Q Why do I see the team referenced as Colorado Women’s Cycling Project and Naked Women’s Racing?

Our LLC is registered as Colorado Women’s Cycling Project. Naked Juice is our title sponsor and as a title sponsor, they get naming rights to the team. So we are Colorado Women’s Cycling Project dba Naked Women’s Racing.

Q I’m a company interested in sponsoring with cash or a product company that wants to donate products to the team. How do I do that?

Awesome!! We love that you share an interest in supporting women’s cycling. Reach out on our Contact page and request our sponsorship proposal, and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

Q Why don’t triathlons count towards year end dividends for race team members?

We exist to grow the sport of women’s cycling. Women’s cycling nationwide accounts for only 13% of racers where triathlon has nearly 50/50 participation from men and women. We stand for equality in women’s racing including participation, professional salaries (did you know there isn’t a standard for minimum wage for women’s professional racers, but there is for men?), equal racing opportunities, and more. This is why we don’t reimburse for triathlon. We want more female cyclists on the road so we give back to support that initiative and equality. Hopefully one day, women’s cycling will have numbers like triathlon and marathons, but until then, this is why we focus on women’s cycling.