Our 2014 race team application process is now done; however, we are accepting club members year-round! If you are interested in getting to know other women who love to ride / race their bikes, have a great sense of humor (or enjoy people who do), feel good about giving back to the community that you live in – let us know – you’re welcome to meet up with us on or off the bike! We are accepting applications for RACERS from now until October 2014 for the 2015 season.  If you still would like to try to join for the 2014 season because we do have women on injured reserve occasionally, we may be able to accommodate you. If you wish to join the club team, do so at the bottom of this page or click here!

What’s the difference between the race and club teams? Read below.


Our team is an all-women’s cycling team based in Colorado.  In addition to being great ambassadors to cycling, we are also involved in the community.  All race team members are expected to volunteer for Ride for Reading (our nonprofit philanthropy) and our team race.  Before you apply, please understand that any race reimbursements are tied to the volunteer hours, race responsibilities, as well as your racing schedule.  Please see our Race Team Responsibilities to get a taste of what our 2015 race team responsibilities will be. Our race team is about giving back, mentoring new riders, and camaraderie. If you only want to race your bike, this IS NOT the team for you.

If you want to apply to our 2015 Race Team, all applicants are required to complete a team application.


See below for the requirements and category designations. These are subject to change for 2015. 

Cat 4 Road/Cyclocross minimum race commitment: 
8 Total. 4 Road Races, 4 can be other types of bike races.

Cat 3 Road/Cyclocross/Masters minimum race commitment: 
10 Total. 5 Road Races, 5 can be other types of bike races.

Cat 1/2 Road/Cyclocross minimum race commitment:
12 Total. 6 Road Races, 6 can be other types of bike races.

Mountain Bike Team minimum race commitment:
6 total mountain bike races

Qualifying races

  • TT Series: Every 2 starts in a TT series will count as 1 race start.
  • Stage Race: Each race start will count as 1 race start (stage race and criterium = 2 races).
  • Training races do not count as a race start.
  • Races will only count if you finish and have a result.
  • Other qualifying races: track, cyclocross, mountain bike. Sorry, triathlons do not count as a bike race. But we welcome triathletes to try bike racing!


Want to find a group of women to ride bikes with but aren’t sure about joining a racing team just yet? Join the Naked Women’s Racing club team! We have a club team for women who would like to be involved in a cohesive cycling group and are maybe considering doing a race or two. Enjoy benefits of the club–mentoring, organized no-drop group rides, skills clinics, retailer/product discounts, and social events off the bike–without having to commit to a full-fledged racing team. But if you drink the racing KoolAid and decide you want to be a part of the race team mid-season, that’s possible, too! Triathletes, Masters Racers, Mountain Bikers, New Racers, Enthusiasts, or the 100% Newbies-fresh-off-adult-training-wheels are welcome to apply for the 2014 season!

  • Pay club dues and subscribe to our listserv, all-team calendar, and club team roster (you’ll receive a confirmation email with onboarding instructions).
  • In addition to club dues, member must purchase one kit (jersey and shorts/bibs) minimum (factored into club price on registration form).
  • If member decides to compete, member must compete in team kit.
  • If member competes and completes 5 bicycle races, member is entitled to getting dues back! Races that count towards reimbursement are the following: road, cyclocross, mountain bike, track or BMX. Sorry no triathlons as we are trying to grow women’s participation in the sport of cycling! Must submit receipts at the end of the year. No receipts, no reimbursement.
  • Member must volunteer their time for either our team race (in August) or our Ride for Reading delivery (in May).
  • You must be nice to any racer, enthusiast, triathlete, cyclist, motorist, etc. on and off the bike. You represent the race team and our sponsors when you are out, so please do so with the utmost respect. No drama or that’s grounds for dismissal from the club team without getting dues back.

Are you ready to join the largest women’s team in Colorado? Well, what are you waiting for! Join today!