Shannon Keeton

Cat 4 Road, Cat 4 Track – Club

Shannon is from Chicago, Illinois and moved to Boulder, Colorado during the 100 year flood (perfect timing) looking to pursue her passion for cycling and everything outdoors. She is a registered nurse, yoga teacher and a gypsy at heart. She likes long walks on the beach, road trips, yoga, riding her bikes, fly fishing and good beer. Favorite foods are peanut butter and bacon.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Current Home : Boulder, CO.
Racing Disciplines: Road, Track
Started racing: 2012
Favorite race/racing highlights: 2nd Place/Two Rivers Road Race/ABR Illinois Championship
Bikes: Cervelo S2, Canno EVO, Fuji Feather fixie
Pedal preference: Speedplay
Rollers or trainer? Trainer
Bibs or shorts? Bibs
Skinsuit or kit? Skinsuit for the track, kit for road
Water or drink mix? One water bison and one mix bison
Favorite mid ride nutrition: Bacon
Place I would most like to ride…..The Dolomites
When I am not riding a bike I.….am thinking about riding a bike.