Sabrina Morgan

Cat 4 Mountain – Club


I would say my best characteristic is being able to stay positive in the most complex situations, but since I’m only 15 years old, I guess I haven’t been put through that many terribly difficult situations. Through these few years though, I have learned that I obtain a unique taste for the sensation you get when putting your life in Mother Nature’s hands. I prefer sending myself down a technical trail on my bike or floating through powder on a freezing cold day over doing virtually anything inside.

I’ve been riding for only two years now. I started when my dad, an avid biker himself, found out my high school had a mountain bike team, so I may not always be the best one on the trail or slopes, but I can always guarantee that I will be having the most fun. As long as I’m outside, doing what I truly love, you won’t find me without a smile on my face.

Personal Goal: Improve my technical skills to go faster!

Hometown: Denver

Current Home: Lakewood

Racing Disciplines: mountain

Strengths: downhill

Racing since: 2015

Favorite Rides: anything flowy

Hobbies: making tea, being outside(biking, hiking, or snowboarding)

Bikes: Scott Scale

Racing Highlights: 16th in State Championships (for my High School League) two years in a row

Bibs or shorts: shorts

Skinsuit or kit: kit

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Kind or Nature Valley bars

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? British Columbia

When I am not riding a bike I …… annoy my parents to take me on a ride, or trying new recipes to, more often than not, create a disaster