Nora Bonfoey

Road – Club

Nora started riding in 2008. After the birth of her second baby she was kind of feeling like she needed out of the house. In 2009 she decided to do her first ever organized ride and completed the Iron Horse Classic. She was feeling hooked! Her and a friend weren’t really sure what they were signing up for but committed to doing the Santa Fe Century in New Mexico the following year in 2010. She has done a century every year since! Buena Vista, Moab, Taos, Triple Bypass, West Elk and Mountain to Dessert. She has also climbed up two 14er’s on her bike, Mt Evans and Pikes Peak. She still has several centuries on her bucket list and hopes to continue to add to her growing list of rides and experiences!

Personal Goal: I would like to continue wearing out tires and chains and putting lots more miles on my bike!

Hometown: Aurora

Current home: Broomfield

Racing since: 2009

Favorite race/racing highlights: Triple Bypass, Pikes Peak, Mt Evans

Bikes: Specialized Roubaix (aka ‘Chip’)

Pedal preference: Road

Rollers or trainer? Trainer

Bibs or Shorts? Shorts

Skinsuit or Kit? Kit

Water or drink mix? Skratch

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Peanut Butter and Jelly squares

Place I would most like to ride a bike: Hawaii

When I am not riding a bike….like spending time with my boys, walking our dog, hiking, visiting local brew pubs, planning social activities with friends, enjoying our fire pit and patio time, planning out our next vacations, and watching movies.