Monica Breckenridge

Cat 4 Road – Club

Monica has always loved cycling but never knew that there were so many great trails to explore right here in Colorado.  She is ½ German and was used to all the bike trails in Europe.  In 2015 Monica wanted to find a way to lose weight.  She wasn’t getting much exercise in with all the work she was doing running her company, Pink Realty.  She then realized that she has always loved to cycle, she didn’t know it was possible in Colorado, but she was determined to find a way.  A good choice cycling was, as Monica is now addicted to cycling and she can’t stop.  She has since lost over 50 pounds.  She enjoys the adventures of new routes as well as the Colorado scenery.  Monica loves to challenger herself by getting better every day.  Monica would love to travel the world one day by bike.  That would be the best adventure.

Personal Goal: To win a national or world championship time trial event

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Current home: Colorado Springs, CO

Racing disciplines: Road and getting into Track Cycling

Racing since: 2016

Favorite Race/racing highlights: 1st place in the 6 hour world champion time trials for age group 30-39 in 2016.  4th Overall in the 6 Hour Race.

Bikes: Road – Cannondale caad10

Pedal preference: Speedplay

Rollers or trainer? trainer

Water or drink mix? Water, but I am trying to find a drink mix for calories and energy during a race.

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Still searching for the right one, but cliff bar peanut butter is what I eat now.

Place I would most like to ride a bike:  Tour of Europe

When I am not riding a bike…. I am working on my business Pink Realty, reading a good book, playing with my cats, or watching a movie.