Michelle Hoffer

Club Team

The contagious athletic spirit, beautiful weather and a good friend convinced me to start riding a road bike 10 years ago when we arrived in Colorado. I had always loved the outdoors, but had never really rode “roadie” bikes before that, unless my pink 1985 Huffy counted? After a few years of road riding and 2 triple bipass’s later, 2 other “good friends” convinced me to try mountain biking at Steamboat on a borrowed bike. Even though my knees and elbows will never look the same (I think blood was definitely involved and scaring), I absolutely loved it. I had raced Mt. bikes briefly after my 1st Son was born but got out of it until this summer. Thank goodness I met Joan camping. With the Tuesday invites to ride up Lookout Mt., I have found myself inspired to want to race again.

It has been so inspiring to ride with the Naked Women Team. What a great group of women who are passionate about riding, push us all to be better riders, are great mentors, and just plain nice! One day I will keep up going up lookout:)  Work: associate professor at Community College of Denver where I teach Dental Hygiene and Nutrition classes.

Personal Goal: To inspire my children to love the outdoors and live a healthy, happy life (this is my lifelong goal actually). I also want to finally finish my masters degree in public health nutrition so I can finally sleep at night.

Hometown: Paradise, CA

Current home: Golden, CO

Racing disciplines: Mt. Bike-moving up to the sport division this year.

Strengths: I hate to quit, so if you egg me on I will almost try anything.

Racing since: on and off since 2008

Favorite race: Rendezvous of the WP series…actually any WP race is a hoot!

Hobbies: Running, vegan cooking, hiking, yoga and camping with our kids and bikes.

Status: Married to a great man for 16 years and tirelessly chasing after a 6 and 2 year old.

Favorite post race drink: Blue Moon with lots of orange.

Favorite during race drink: Does plain water count J?

Bikes: ASR5-C Yeti and my good’ol Trek 5200 roadie. We also have a sweet Specialized mountain tandem that we can single track with our 6 year old.

Racing highlights: winning first place in my age division at the WP Rendezvous race 2012 (then Joan and my husband told me I couldn’t race beginner anymore J..bummer!)

Roller or trainer: neither…I will find a way to get outside. Skiing, running or hiking. I have a hard time being indoors. Mt. biking in the snow does add a whole new degree of difficulty to your ride.

Bibs or shorts: shorts (how do you go to the bathroom in bibs?)

Skinsuit or kit: kit

Speedplay or Shimano: Shimano

Carbon or Stell: Carbon

If you could ride your bike anywhere were would it be? Moab…or maybe Winter Park. It depends on the season.