Marlene Zandell

Club Team

Marlene is the metaphorical “late bloomer”, having just recently discovered a love of cycling at the impressionable age of 48.  Her boyfriend encouraged her to clean the dust of her bike and to start riding.  The boyfriend didn’t last, but she is still riding her bike nearly every day.  Marlene gained confidence when she finished the 62-mile Elephant Rock ride in June 2012, and she set a goal to complete a century ride by the end of the summer.  She signed up for the Buffalo Classic Foothills Century, and just in case she couldn’t finish that one, she also signed up for a second century in Moab held two weeks later.  She completed both centuries and is now thoroughly hooked on cycling.

Personal Goal:  To be a sponge and soak up the knowledge and skills shared with me by the Naked racers, so that one day when I see my ex-boyfriend out on a bike ride and I can fly past him and wave goodbye.

Nickname:  Marlena
Hometown:  Denver, CO
Current Home:  Denver, CO
Racing Disciplines:  Road
Strengths:  I am organized and I can research the heck out of anything.
Racing Since:  Still somewhere in my future.
Favorite Race:  It’s not a race, but my fave ride this year was the Moab Century Tour.
Hobbies:  Cycling, skiing, hiking, tennis, yoga, eating pizza
Status:  Divorced
Favorite Post Race Drink:  Milk
Favorite During Race Drink:  Nuun
Bikes:  A pink and black Orbea Diva. (Yes, only one bike.)
Racing Highlights: Reading about Amanda C. finishing her crit with a broken clavicle.  So inspiring!  I had to be a part of that, so I joined the club team.
Roller or trainer: Hmmm, spin class?  Still figuring it all out.
Bibs or shorts: Shorts
Skinsuit or Kit: Kit
Speedplay, Look or Shimano: Speedplay
Carbon or steel: Carbon
If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be:  The Silk Road (a la Marco Polo).