Laura Karpinski

Road – Club

Laura fell in love with cycling shortly after moving to Colorado sixteen years ago. She is currently looking to get stronger and smarter on the bike while having fun with friends (new routes, different rides, longer distances, faster pace, steeper climbs, etc). Laura lives in downtown Denver, where she has been car-free for about 5 years and loves to ride her road bike as much as possible (long distance, short distance, climbing, flat, going fast, running errands, and sightseeing). For work, she gets to teach Pilates and Yoga at a studio called Pilates Aligned where she is also the studio manager. Laura is a self proclaimed “body nerd” who is constantly reading, learning, and continuing her education/knowledge of movement, alignment and anatomy. The part of her job she loves the most is getting to help people, whether it is getting them back on their feet after a surgery, leaning to move without pain, or teaching them to move for fun/fitness. Having a fairly flexible schedule is also a wonderful perk of the job and allows for plenty of free time.

Personal Goal: To make new cycling friends and finally break 5,000 miles in one year

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

Current home: Denver, CO

Favorite Race/Racing Highlights: I haven’t raced, but my favorite ride highlight of 2016 was biking up Mt.Evans

Bikes: Orbea Diva (road), 1970’s Peugeot (aka- “Pepé Le Peugeot”- commuter bike)

Pedal preference: Shimano Road Pedal

Rollers or trainer? Outside if at all possible, but rollers if I have to

Bibs or Shorts? shorts

Skinsuit or Kit? kit

Water or drink mix? both

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: afraid to admit it, but: coke or coffee and a snickers

Place I would most like to ride a bike: Anywhere new with a “view”

When I am not riding a bike I ….am running, hiking, swimming, going to yoga, snowshoeing, walking around the city, reading, snuggling with my two cats, eating good food or sipping beer at one of the many awesome breweries in Denver.