Jennifer Roberts

Cat 4 Road – Club

Jennifer grew up playing soccer and lacrosse. As kids she rode bikes everywhere because it was her main source of transportation (at a time when bike helmets were unheard of). Her adult sports outlet has been mostly running, but in 2010 Jennifer took up triathlon and rediscovered her bike. She loves trying new things and finds inspiration among women who are naturally more bad-ass than herself!

Personal Goal: Ride more and try cyclocross. Because it looks like crazy fun!

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Current home: Morrison, CO

Racing since: 2010

Favorite race/racing highlights: Peaks to Portland 2014. A 2.4 mile open ocean swim with water temps at 58/59F. That one hurt a little bit.

Bikes: Trek Slique SSL C (aka The Queen), Cervelo P1

Pedal preference: Shimano

Rollers or trainer? Trainer, but I want to try rollers

Bibs or Shorts? Shorts

Skinsuit or Kit? Kit

Water or drink mix? Scratch for daily use, Infinite for endurance

Favorite mid-ride nutrition: Fig Newtons

Place I would most like to ride a bike: I’m still exploring Colorado!

When I am not riding a bike…. Am a veterinarian. When not working, I volunteer at the Foothills Animal Shelter spay/neuter clinic and am thinking about the next opportunity to get outside.