Jenifer Woods

Club Team

Hey there!
I first started riding not too long ago when I decided that triathlons seemed like a good time.  I used the bike portion of the tri to catch my breath between the swim and run.  The only thing about that was I found it more than slightly irritating that I was being passed so frequently.  Maybe it had something to do with the single speed bike I was “racing” with or maybe it was me, either way it was annoying.  Anyhoo.  I traded my single speed bike for something with a few more gears and now I am really having fun! This past summer a few friends and I signed up to do the “Wacky W” race and I had a blast. Now, I’m hoping to use the bike portion of the tri to catch and pass people instead of just catching my breath.
Personal Goal-  Be a good teammate and a better cyclist.
Nickname – J-Woo
Hometown, Philadelphia, PA
Current City – Denver, CO
Strengths – I can haul buns up a hill (mostly because I want to get it over and done with).
Hobbies- hiking, backpacking, cooking for friends and drinking wine.
Favorite Post Race Drink – water followed by a beer.
Favorite During Race Drink – something with electrolytes. 
Bike – Orbea
Racing Highlights – Well, I have only been in one race but my favorite part was chatting with fellow cyclists on the flats and learning how to go downhill hill faster(ish).
Roller or trainer- Trainer, thank you.
Bibs or shorts – Shorts. 
Skinsuit or Kit – Kit! 
If you could ride anywhere, where would it be?  Hmmm…if there was a bridge between Denver and Philly I would totally ride on that.  However, since that bridge doesn’t exist the streets of Paris seems like a lovely alternative.