Lanier Allen

Dejan Smaic, 2013

Dejan Smaic, 2013

Cat 2 Road, Cat 3 CX

After many years of “racing” unsuspecting cyclists on bike paths, Lanier entered her first real race three years ago.  The racing itself was immediately addictive, but more importantly, the racing community was filled with welcoming, positive people who helped her every step of the way.  Three seasons later, she still loves the challenge and variety of racing different courses and the strategy of team racing.  From training to recovery to race strategy, there is always something new to learn!

Personal Goals: “I want to encourage as many women as possible to start racing.  In my own races, my goal is to ban all-around, soul-crushing terror.

Nickname: Mama Hot Mess (pre-race only)

Hometown: Thomasville, GA

Current home: Littleton, CO

Racing disciplines: Road, CX

Strengths: Crits & time trials

Racing since: May 2011

Favorite Race: Bannock crit

Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, racing

Status: Married

Favorite Post Race Drink: Naked protein smoothie

Favorite During Race Drink: Skratch

Bikes: Seven Alaris, Look 386, Salsa Chili con Crosso, Bianchi commuter

Racing Highlights:  In 2013, won BAR and helped Naked win BAT for Cat 3, won the Superior Crit, and raced support at Gila in support of Maria Santiago’s podium finish.  

Roller or trainer: Trainer 

Bibs or shorts: Bibs

Skinsuit or kit: Skinsuit

Speedplay, Look or Shimano: Speedplay

Carbon or steel: Titanium 

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be?  Anywhere!