Kimberley Turner

Cat 2 Road

Kimberley Turner began riding with a junior team at the end of high school, and quickly fell in love with the sport. Her love continued on as she attended college at Seattle Pacific University, which unfortunately didn’t have a collegiate racing program. So starting a program became one of her primary focuses along with studying psychology and physiology. One of her proudest moments in collegiate racing was being selected two years in a row to race on the collegiate all-stars team at the Nature Valley Grand Prix. This past year in Denver she continued to grow as a cyclist, and raced at two NRC level races, the Tour of the Gila and the Cascade Cycling classic. When she’s not training and racing, Kimberley works as a private personal trainer as well as with Denver Public Schools’ Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness Centers, promoting health and wellness in schools and communities. She loves spending time with her husband and two dogs, and despite being busy, tries to maintain a good balance between work, play and rest. Kimberely is excited for another year riding and racing with the Naked Women, and can’t wait to meet the new ladies on team rides.
Personal Goal: I would love to win the best young rider classification at an NRC race.
Nickname: various random ones that my family members have come up with over the years… none particularly awe-inspiring 
Hometown: originally Boise, Idaho but was in Seattle for 4 years for college before moving to Denver a year ago.
Current Home: Denver
Racing Disciplines: primarily road racing (my focus), although I have raced a few seasons of cyclocross for fun
Strengths: stage racing, climbing, and technical, fast crit courses
Racing Since: 2008
Favorite Race: so far, Nature Valley Grand Prix, 
Hobbies: hiking and trail running, adventures with my husband and two dogs, continuing my slow but sure pursuit of fluency in Spanish, and playing music (violin and piano) when I have time 
Favorite Post Race Drink: chocolate milk, Naked Juice protein zone, or red wine (I’m holding to my believe that red wine, as a vasodilator, is an excellent recovery drink) 
Favorite During Race Drink: Skratch Labs
Bikes: Specialized S-Works Amira, Specialized Tri-Cross, Specialized Transition (yes, I’m a specialized girl)
Racing Highlights: 4 top 20 finishes racing with the pros at the Tour of the Gila and the Cascade Cycling Classic this past season;
a 3rd place finish at Collegiate Nationals in 2011 and a subsequent invitation to race on the Collegiate All-Star Team at the Nature Valley Grand Prix was huge, and racing at the NVGP with so many amazing, talented women was a great experience and honor for me. 
Rollers or trainer: rollers when I’m doing an easy/steady ride, because they take more mental focus and so are slightly less boring than a trainer. But a trainer for hard efforts or specific intervals
Bibs or shorts: bibs no doubt about it! 
Skinsuit or kit: kit for functionality, but I have to say I like the badass factor of a skinsuit
Speedplay, Look or Shimano: speedplay 
Carbon or steel: who races steel nowdays?! 
If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? I’ve always wanted to ride, and perhaps someday race, in Europe. I’ve heard Italy is AMAZING!