Tami Burke

Cat 4

I got into cycling while living in Chicago.  I started out commuting, then touring, and it was when I moved to Colorado I thought I’d see what racing was like.  I loved it, so I’ll be back at it this coming season.  Being a part of a team has been a great way to be involved in all the different avenues of cycling and discover new places to ride, not to mention, the positivity and focus on healthy living is something I’ve enjoyed about the cycling community. 

Aside from cycling I like to water-ski, play soccer, hike, and go on adventures. J I’m excited to compete with a group of strong, fast women in the Cat 4’s, and to improve my riding this season while working with my teammates to do the same.

Personal goal: To improve all-around as a cyclist, to podium in a crit, and to help set up my teammates to win.

Nickname: little bird, tamster, tamalam… too many

Hometown: grew up in Manila, Philippines

Current Home:  Littleton, CO

Racing Disciplines: Road, but soon track and cyclocross

Strengths:  hill climbing? Still figuring that out…

Racing Since: 2012

Favorite Race: Dead Dog for sure. NOT. Well maybe the Dead Dog crit was my favorite.

Hobbies: learning about interesting things, drinking coffee, collecting little wooden boxes, traveling, going to shows, taking pictures, riding bikes, obviously.

Status: single

Favorite Post Race Drink: coconut water, and a post-race beer(s) is always good.

Favorite During Race Drink: water, gatorade.

Bikes:  carbon road bike, steel white and gray fixed gear, hand-me-down (thanks Nicole) full rigid mountain bike, vintage Schwinn cruiser.

Racing Highlights: 3rd place in Sugarloaf hill climb

Rollers or trainer: neither but trainer

Bibs or shorts:  BIBS

Skinsuit or kit: doesn’t matter.

Speedplay, Look or Shimano:  Speedplay

Carbon or steel:  a little bit of both.

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be?  Colorado is amazing.  But I’d love to ride all over Europe and wouldn’t mind touring down the West coast of North and South America someday.