Emily Zinn

Cat 4 Road

Cat 3 Cross

Emily has been immersed in the cycling world since birth, and spent much of her infancy at women’s road races. After dabbling in a variety of sports and cycling recreationally, she entered a cyclocross race in 2011 and finished dead last, but muddy and smiling. Every week she lined up for a race her excitement grew until total addiction took hold of her. After several Cat. 4 podiums in cyclocross (and one in road) she is excited to upgrade and race open, and is psyching herself up to go play with the big dogs. Hopefully with Naked she will gain understanding of tactical racing that she will put into play every race so we will see lots of naked girls on the podium… During the day she runs and writes for Singletrack.com and coaches the Boulder Junior Cycling team. Her inspiration was seeing one of the junior girls sprint side-by-side with her best friend to the line at Lookout, and push it so hard she threw up once she crossed! It’s an exiting time for American women’s cycling and she is ecstatic to see the support for women’s and junior racing explode. She hopes to see that momentum continue and grow, and will humbly continue to do her part by lining up and making her legs scream and getting covered in mud… and hopes that many women will follow suit!

Personal Goal: To inspire so many women to come out and race that the men are joining women’s races to compete at a higher level

Nickname: Milly, or various heckles related to my initials
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Current Home: Boulder, CO
Racing Disciplines: ‘Cross, Road, Mountain
Strengths: I excel in the muddiest, sloppiest, slickest, snowiest cyclocross races of the year.
Racing Since: Experimented as a pre-teen (but didn’t we all?), but only really started racing in 2011
Favorite Race: CycloX Louisville and Valmont Park
Hobbies: Activities range from relocating crocodiles to sailing 16th Century tall ships to trapeze to geeking out on Italian sculpture. I surf badly, if not enthusiastically, can’t make up my mind on descending snowy mountains on one board or two and enjoy ascending sheer rock faces. Oh, and I also ride bikes of varying descriptions.
Status: Offline
Favorite Post Race Drink: I would like to tip my hat to the milk council who made chocolate milk in a box an appropriate beverage for athlete recovery. I’ve been drinking it for years, but now I can do so in public.
Favorite During Race Drink: Dale’s hand-ups in a ‘cross race
Bikes: Zinn bikes of various colors and component gruppos
Racing Highlights: The first time I stuck an attack
Rollers or trainer: Please, spare me the horror of indoor training. I’ll train in the rain or the dark, if need be.
Bibs or shorts: Bibs
Skinsuit or kit: Skinsuit (when I can wear one without feeling like a tool)
Speedplay, Look or Shimano: NOTA. Crank Bros. No apologies.
Carbon or steel: I ride a magnesium bike
If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Would really love to do La Ruta de los Conquistadores some day