Susan Hersey

Cat 3

I don’t have a very exciting bio… . I guess I’m a late bloomer as I don’t have stories about prior athletic activities-not even in High school. I first started riding in my 30s after having 3 kids. 1st just spinning classes, then outside. My 1st metric I did on a old mtb with slicks. I loved going fast on the road and since the old mtb was hindering progress in that category I purchased my 1st road bike. I did start road bike racing back in about 2000, but with a busy kid and work schedule I wandered away for several years, never too far as I actually worked in the cycling industry. I came back to racing about 4 yrs ago.

Personal goal for 2013: Improve my hill climbing skills. Get Naked on the podium-hahaha! Have a lot of fun, smiles and laughs.

Nickname: We’re going to give her one since she left this blank:)

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Current Home: Lakewood, CO I’ve been here since I was 4. I’m dying to move somewhere else but nowhere can beat CO and Lakewood… I can ride to several mtb trails

Racing Disciplines: Road and Mtb and typically better with endurance

Strengths: Crits and RRs-love the group sprints

Favorite Race: Gateway Cup is very fun. Dream about doing ToAD someday.

Hobbies: Running, snowshoeing, snowboarding, hiking, wine making, playing in my garden, happy houring….

Status: Married with 4 kids, 2 cats and 1 puppy

Favorite Post Race Drink: MARGARITA =-)

Favorite During Race Drink: Margarita…. Ha! I have a secret concoction I use

Bikes: I’m looking at everyone’s bike lists and am sad I have recently sold several bike now…. Currently I have a Sworks Amira-Road and a Sworks Era-Mtn. I have my eye on the 2013 Sworks Amira frame

Racing Highlights: 2012 would be Deer Trail where I found myself on the right wheel at the right time and ended up 1st in the SW3 Field and also WOT with a awesome sprint finish

Rollers or trainer: Neither but if I must, Trainer so I don’t have to pay attention to what I’m doing

Bibs or shorts: Doesn’t really matter unless it’s freezing out and I have 5 layers on up top and need to pee- then it’s shorts

Skinsuit or kit: Skinsuit

Speedplay, Look or Shimano: 100% Speedplay for road and Shimano for mtn

Carbon or steel: Just love my Carbon

If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would that be? Really too many ‘dream’ rides to say…. the east coast in the fall, Canada, England, AZ in the winter….