Sharon Madison

Cat 3 Road & Co-captain

Sharon grew up in rural Nebraska with no athletic background. Ten years ago she got her first bike. In 2005 Sharon started working with a cycling coach to advance her cycling skills. She rode endurance events but did not race.  In January 2012 a new cycling coach pushed her over the edge.  She had a great season of racing as a CAT 4 and was moved up to a Cat 3. Sharon won the Colorado State Crit Championship in CAT 4’s and was ranked 3rd all round rider for 2012 by the Colorado Cycling Association.  Sharon is a wife, mom and fitness instructor.

Personal Goal: To continue to learn and have a great race season like 2012.   

Nickname: Team Mom, Mama Madison, Smalls, Linus and Maddie
Hometown: Steinauer, NE
Current Home: Denver, CO
Racing Disciplines: Was TT’s and Hill climbs. Now the girl who said she would never do a CRIT is hooked.
Strengths: It was CRITS when I was a CAT 4.  We will see what this year brings.
Racing Since: Seriously since 2012
Favorite Race: Wheel of Thunder.  My first Crit.
Hobbies: Riding my bike, riding my bike and riding my bike.
Status: Married with 2 kids
Favorite Post Race Drink: “Rehydrate” (that is the name of the drink)
Favorite During Race Drink: Water.  I’m a water only girl.
Bikes: Focus race bike. Serotta Road Bike, Specialized Mtn bike, Electra Cruiser bike.  Adding a TT bike soon.
Racing Highlights: 1st place at the Colorado State Crit Champion
Rollers or trainer: Compu trainers.  In a class at a studio.
Bibs or shorts: Shorts (peeing is an issue)
Skinsuit or kit: Kit.  I could change my mind next year after I order my first skinsuit.
Speedplay, Look or Shimano: Look
Carbon or steel: Depends what bike you are talking about. I would say carbon.
If you could ride your bike anywhere, where would it be? Italy