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Suck It Up Buttercup – My Mantra for Cyclocross

Melissa Westergard at the US Open CX 2017

Melissa Westergard at the US Open CX 2017

Melissa Westergard, Cat 3 Roadie, describes her season of firsts as a newbie CX racer with two words; fun and terrifying. 

This was a season of firsts for me. First time to drop a chain in the middle of a race, first time to crash multiple times and get right back in the race, first time to quickly descend on a steep gravel slope, first time to ride off camber, and my first time to race in 28 degree weather! Each of these things is exactly why I have only ridden and raced road for the past 6 years and not even considered getting off the pavement. These things terrified me.

My secret motto for this Fall – Suck It Up Buttercup! Now I am gaining appreciation for the discipline of CX and finding that I actually enjoy this. I still hesitate every now and then and have many new skills that I need to learn and many that I need to continue to work on.

CX costume fun with Naked Women's Racing at the Feedback Cup 2017

CX costume fun with Naked Women’s Racing at the Feedback Cup 2017

The physical aspect is not the only reason I wanted to try out CX, there’s the fun factor too. I had always heard that CX was one of the most fun disciplines to race, but it didn’t come to fruition for me until I was in a race… in a Merida costume, complete with the bow and arrows and an unforgettable crazy red wig. The enjoyment that I have gained for CX is undeniable and I will most definitely be back next year!

Melissa Westergard Feedback Cup 2017

Melissa Westergard in Disney Costume at the Feedback Cup 2017

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Naked Women's Racing CX - Fun is the Operative Word

Naked Women’s Racing CX – Fun is the operative Word



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