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Nicole Duke leading a CX camp for our racers this month.

For veteran roadie Melissa Westergard, #crossishere for the first time. It’s never too late for a new experience!


I seem to find this on almost every cycling related post on social media as road season is winding down and Fall is approaching. So why is there so much more hype about cross than any other discipline? I’m eager to find out!

My daughter tried out cross for the first time last year and I have to say, it did look like a lot of fun. I’ve identified myself as a roadie for the past 9 years and have barely ventured into the other disciplines. Mostly because I like to be in control – in control of my bike that is. I like knowing that my bike is going to move in the direction that I move and that I am “one with my bike”. From what I’ve learned the few times I’ve been on a mountain or cross bike, that principle does not hold true for CX or mountain. These disciplines require you to allow the bike to move independently from your own body. This is quite possibly the reason I didn’t enjoy CX or mountain the first time I tried it.


Last weekend I attended my first CX camp and learned many valuable skills that should help me venture out to try racing this upcoming season. Thankfully I have a stellar group of teammates that are always willing to chime in and help out this newbie. I’m really looking forward to this new adventure.Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing the experiences of my first few races soon!