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Want to Improve Your Road Racing Technical Skill? MTB!

Cat 3 Road Racer, Alli Nold shares some advice on improving road racing skills!
Road racing is exhilarating, fast paced, smooth and super fun.  Sometimes a good road race can take a turn for the worse if there is a crash in the group.  Mountain bike training can help a road racer avoid those crashes more easily.
I raced the Oz Road Race in the SW3 category.There is a section of this race on gravel road that is always a little scary. This year there was a crash on the dirt section.  Even though it occurred right in front of me, my mountain biking skills helped me to avoid a potentially race ending crash.  I was able to safely maneuver my bike to the median avoiding downed riders.  I then hopped back on the bike and worked extra hard to catch back up with the pack.  I ended up finishing this race in a well-earned 2nd place.
So, next time you want to brush up on those road racing skills, consider hopping on the mountain bike.  The technical requirements to maneuver around rocks and obstacles on the trail may come in handy in a road race someday!
Here’s a short list of terrific mountain bike camps, clinics and events in Colorado: