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My biggest victory

Kim Fairley has had quite the year as she moved here from Europe. Through it all she has found the importance of sport in her life. 

About one year ago I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, settled in Boulder for a research position at the University of Colorado Boulder, and found myself…. Quite alone.

img_4307-2In the Netherlands, where I’m from, I’d a thriving social network, which greatly revolved around a shared passion for sports. See, I have been a runner my whole live. I ran marathons, cross country and track races. I discovered road cycling very recently and mainly enjoyed riding my bike when it was ‘running off-season’. When I found myself in this huge country all by myself, I thought: if I can move transatlantic, why can I not start a new sport competitively? I checked several women’s cycling teams in Colorado and decided to sign up for Naked Women’s Cycling Team in September 2015.

While looking back at my first road season with this team, I can hardly believe it all happened.

From my very first crit in Louisville mid-April to my very first victory during my last crit mid-August, coincidentally also in Louisville. My biggest ‘victory’, however, is being part of an amazing team of ladies who cheer for each other, help each other out and just have a lot of fun together, on and off the bike! It has reassured me, that no matter where you will find yourself in the future, a shared passion for sport is what it takes to be part of a stimulating community.