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Three Little Words

In this post Angie Carey reminds us about some common courtesy that we sometimes forgot to do but makes all the difference in the world. 

“On Your Left”!

Too often than not I am passed by a fellow cyclist who is cruising at a nice speed and catches me off guard, no hi, no on your left, nada.  Okay, I get it we all have those days, we are focused on getting our ride in, or too focused where we are not thinking at all and in the zone.

I recently had an incident while riding, I was passed on two different occasions on a heavy traffic road with no warning from either rider as they were passing. It one startled me as we were already going at a fast speed but was also dangerous, putting a car and the rider trying to pass me in a bad situation.  This was not the first, nor will it be the last time I get passed by a cyclist without warning,however,  it’s nice to stop and take a moment to realize that three seconds of being courteous really does go a long way.

I can not tell you being extra sensitive on this topic and  letting riders know I’m passing, the Thank – You’s I receive from both men and women. I had one women stop me, she thanked me for letting her know I was passing,  saying I was the first rider all day that had said, “on your left” or anything for that matter.  So whether you are on the road training, commuting, or out for a leisure stroll being courteous of other cyclist not only makes it a safer place to ride but a friendlier one!