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What joy a bike can bring!

Sharing our passion with our children is something most of us hope to be able to do.  Melissa Westergard has been exposing her daughter to different sports and fortunately her daughter has found some enjoyment in cycling.  

One of the most exciting things we experience as parents is watching our children venture out and discover new things. My daughter, Cameron, is 10 years old and we have tried numerous sporting activities with no true satisfaction from her. We purchased Cam’s first mountain bike a few years ago and it was fun for her to ride with her dad on easier trails, but that activity never quite took off. As a mom who is quite passionate about cycling, this was a little of a disappointment to me, but nonetheless there were other activities to pursue so we kept looking.   

Earlier this year I was perusing through Denver CL and came across a junior’s road bike. I know that mountain biking hadn’t really taken off so I thought we could give road a try. Compared to cost of registration for every other activity Cam has tried, the cost of the bike was relatively low. It was another shot at a discipline in the world of cycling and I wasn’t ready to shut the door on cycling altogether just yet, so I made the purchase. I have to honestly say that the bike sat in our garage for nearly 5 months before Cam even tried it. We had other large events going on in our life so it wasn’t a priority unfortunately. Once everything settled down toward the end of the summer we pulled the bike out of the garage and had Cam test it out. Once she became comfortable with the skinny tires, she took off! I have never seen my daughter smile so big in my life. As she was riding laps around me in the parking lot she yelled back “Mom, why did you wait so long to get me on a road bike? I can go so fast and climb up hills so easily on this bike!” What joy it brings us as parents to see our children so satisfied and purely elated about doing an activity!