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Fun In Fruita

Becky Howland learns that spending the weekend with team mates on 4 hour + rides builds more than fitness. 

Last weekend was my first time as a “team camper” in Fruita, Colorado with CWCP Naked Women Racing, and what an experience it was!
We arrived at Moon Farm on Thursday where we met Dave, our host. He took the time to show us all the ins and outs of the property and filled us in on some of the history of the farm. We took full advantage of all that the farm had to offer, starting our days on the bus and finishing them around the fire pit! We enjoyed visiting the petting zoo, especially the bunnies. After settling in, we started our weekend at 18 Road, roaming the trails in the afternoon. We were all super excited to be outside in the sunshine on our bicycles riding together. One lucky rider-turned-photographer couldn’t believe he had run into so many women on bikes!Team Camp Becky blog
Friday saw us out on the trails both in Rabbit Valley and Lunch Loops. We started out at the Western Rim in the morning, extending into Zion Curtain for a beautiful, long day of riding. With the help of Coach Mike Durner from CTS, the team practiced some of our technical skills, building confidence along the way. We all returned to the farmhouse maybe a little sunburnt, but happy!
Sunday began with a talk on mental toughness which turned out to be just what those of us on the road ride would need that day. We headed out to Grand Junction to ride through Unaweep Canyon to Gateway. Just as our ride began, the sky opened up and the rain tested our resolve to get on the bikes, and also distracted us from the big climb that started our day. We rode into the sunshine and spirits rose, but just as we approached the divide the sky opened up once more to deliver more rain and then hail! Mike kept us motivated and our legs spinning, even if our fingers and hands no longer agreed to shift or break. Our wonderful sag crew of Heidi, Berta and Shannon kept us warm and fed. Berta’s timing was perfect, coming to our rescue and changing a flat for Gayle when none of us could feel our fingers to do so. We all made it safely to Gateway, relaxing with lunch and much needed hot chocolate and tea while the remainder of the storm passed. The ride back through the canyon was sunny and we were able to enjoy all the amazing views that we had missed on the way in. The team pedaled well together, working on our pace line and enjoying the fast and DRY descent! paceline becky gayle

The weekend was an amazing experience with fantastic women, all members of a team that I am so grateful to be a part of. Thank you again to all my wonderful teammates for organizing and coming out to make this weekend such a memorable one.

becky team camp